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“Yellow jackets” again took to the streets of Paris. Video

"Желтые жилеты" снова вышли на улицы Парижа. ВидеоThe movement wants to step up mass action after a record low turnout last weekend

The publication notes that the motion seeks to consolidate a mass rally after a record low turnout last weekend.

It is emphasized that almost six months after the beginning of the movement support the “yellow jackets” is reduced. In demonstrations last week was attended by less than 19 thousand people across the country, according to the French Ministry of the interior, and 40 291 people, according to protesters. In both cases, it was the smallest numbers from the beginning of the movement.

Provided that the “yellow vests” I hope that through large rallies in other major cities, they will attract supporters who do not have the time, resources or inclination to travel to Paris every weekend.

About 1,100 people have indicated in the social network Facebook the intention to attend the rally in Paris.

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