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Win Habib, a victory for Conor, mnogohodovochka Putin

Выигрыш Хабиба, победа Конора, многоходовочка Путина

So what we have to clean the residue from the scrum Connor Habib. Khabib won the fight and instantly rushed to the hall to participate in a bloody mass brawl, which started his groupies. Team members Habib is detained, the members of the team Conor – no. Investigation is conducted by the athletic Commission of Nevada. However, the head of the UFC has already stated that groupies Habib was eventually released, because Conor didn’t want to press charges.

Payment of the fee to McGregor approved, the fee Nurmagomedov frozen during the investigation. At the press conference, Habib did not respond to reporters ‘ questions, but only justified saying, how is it, Conor insulted his religion, and the media continue to debate just how Habib climbed the face to beat the opposing team. Really, why even after the defeat in the battle victorious still looks fun dude who likes to drink, hang out with Putin and not go into a fight where it is not necessary to wave with fists?

Apparently, the meeting with Putin Conor gave much more than Habib. Mnogohodovochka in the best traditions of our President, which is already there.

Выигрыш Хабиба, победа Конора, многоходовочка Путина

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