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What is happening in Magnitogorsk

 Что сейчас происходит в Магнитогорске

Went to the third day since the explosion in an apartment building on the Karl Marx Avenue in Magnitogorsk (Chelyabinsk region). During this time the death toll has risen to 21. In the media and social networks, meanwhile, actively spread rumors about the terrorists and RDX, was found at the scene.
Show more… the Investigative Committee denies the presence of traces of explosives, but notes that the analysis of all versions. “Rosbalt” talked with local residents about what is happening in the city two days after the explosion.

A resident of Magnitogorsk Andrey Mikhalitsyn until December 31, lived in an apartment in the sixth entrance of the house № 164 on the Avenue of Karl Marx. His house closely adjoined to the front, where a 31 December explosion.

“Today we were allowed to pick up things in the apartment after a cursory inspection I found a crack on the wall adjacent to the porch, which collapsed. To live there is absolutely not desirable, because the cracks there will now appear constantly. But to sell it I hardly ever, well, if only for a pittance,” says the man.

According to him, the authorities at the moment does not give clear answer to the question whether they intend to settle the sixth entrance or not.

Spring Paramonova resides in the tenth door, which is not very much affected by the explosion. After the tragedy, she moved in with her parents and now to decide where to live in the future. To come back the girl is not going to.

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“Though and said that the apartment is habitable, risk children I will not” she said “Rosbalt”.

In the Magnitogorsk, the situation remains alarming. The situation deteriorated after the incident that occurred on the evening of January 1 at the intersection of Karl Marx Avenue and the street named after the Newspaper Pravda. About 23 hours local time (21:00 Moscow time) in social networks began to appear about the strong fire and even explosions. According to local residents, roadway bus caught fire; witnesses said about the slams and shooting. On numerous videos online do hear sounds similar to shooting. However, it could be the explosions of firecrackers. In favor of the second version is the fact that it was clearly not a shootout. Claps single, and they all originate from a single point.

According to official data, as a result of the tragedy killed three people. In MVD the cause of the incident called “the fault of the gas equipment”, but some local residents did not believe this explanation.

Two local media: 74.ru and Znak.com reported that the explosion in the van was the result of a special operation to capture terrorists, allegedly involved in the collapse of a building. Source Znak.com said that the militants tried to shoot one of them managed to escape alive. 74.ru reported that the explosion at the Karl Marx can be involved a man who shot an apartment on the third floor. Supposedly it was the native of Central Asia. In the end, the publication stated that the city has deployed “large-scale combat operations”.

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In social networks began to panic. Local residents reported the cordon, evacuations and fires. The commotion caused the rumors about the smell of gas and some shooting, for which in some cases took the explosions of firecrackers. The latter was particularly outraged residents of Magnitogorsk.

“How blasphemous are some of the inhabitants of Magnitogorsk — in a neighboring yard, not stop shouting “happy new year!”, launch fireworks and fireworks. It interferes with the rescuers, dog handlers involved in the search of people who are frightened of cotton these firecrackers,” wrote Aygul Garifullina.

By nightfall, the Investigative Committee denied reports that the explosion of the house found traces of explosives. However, the consequence fulfils all possible versions of what happened. Later, the Governor of Chelyabinsk region Boris Dubrovsky urged not to link the incident with the explosion in the house and fire “Gazelle”.

“Wait for the review (investigative agencies) and don’t spread rumors, please,” said the Governor.

Photo from the website of EMERCOM in the Chelyabinsk region

On the evening of 2 January, the situation in Magnitogorsk remains tense, said “Rosbalt” editor of “Магсити74” Lyubov Goncharova.

“The alarming situation, but the authorities are urged not to panic — they say it’s not a terrorist attack,” she said.

The condition of the patients hospitalized after the incident in Magnitogorsk, remained stable. One of the men injured in the explosion, was transferred to the Chelyabinsk regional hospital.

The main miracle of the past two days is the history of a 10-month F. Wani, who was pulled alive from the rubble of the apartment buildings. The boy lay there for more than a day; it saved by the fact that he was lying in bed, and was warmly wrapped. In the evening 1 January by a special flight the child was taken to Moscow, the threat to his life. With the baby’s mom, with her all the time psychologists.

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At the time of writing of the text in the list of victims — 21 people. The fate of 20 unknown. Rescuers continue to work.

In the Chelyabinsk region on 2 January announced a day of mourning.

UPD 17:52. Rescuers found under the rubble of another victim, number of victims has reached 22. We are searching for another 19 people.

UPD, 18:50. The number of victims has increased to 24. Rescuers said that hopes to find live missing other is almost there.

UPD 19:46. Found the bodies of two more victims, now their total number is 26.

UPD 20:30. Those killed are 27.

UPD 20:55. Under the rubble found another baby, this 28th victim.

UPD 23:07. The death toll reached 32.

UPD 23:34. Found the body of 33 of the deceased men.

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