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We must speak the TRUTH louder and clearer

Надо говорить ПРАВДУ громче и четче

Published resonant speech of academician Robert Nigmatulina Iskanderovich at the RAS Presidium meeting on 15 January 2019.


Dear Alexander Mikhailovich! Dear friends and colleagues!

Almost all of my colleagues with whom I discussed the state of Affairs in the Academy of Sciences, concerned about the state of Affairs. In particular, I read the correspondence in the framework of the club of the 1st of July. Most of them have supported You in the election of the President of the Russian Academy of Sciences. No one said that things “go up”. All the people I talk to say that things “go down”. And this concern has intensified since the last meeting of the Council for science and 25.11.2018 the meeting with the President V. Putin with You, Alexander.

I recall the words of N. G.Chernyshevsky: “for Hundreds of years ruined the Rus’ faith in the good intentions of kings.” Not because the kings were bad, but because they acted wrong and made mistakes. I reformulate this sentence: “Hundreds of years ruined Russia the desire of the “elite” in conversation with SOVEREIGN (the king, the General Secretary, the President) to be pleasant, instead of to tell the TRUTH, sometimes severe, and to do everything to convince the Emperor to make constructive decisions.

And that’s what needs ALWAYS been the leader of the country.

Of course, many times easier to be Gogol’s “the lady agreeable in all respects, sparing nothing in order to become accommodating to the last degree.”

Developed addiction to say that all is well.

And now the BAD and in the country, and in science. And in this situation is to say that we do well is sin.



For 10 years we have no real economic growth. 1% growth — not growth, because every year we lose about 1.5–2% of wealth due to disasters, fires, floods, wear and tear, etc., and this growth is not expected.

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Academician A. A. Dynkin in his report at the last session of the wasps Academy of Sciences showed that in the opinion of the expert community of economic stagnation — the main problem of the country.

In a conversation with Vladimir Putin, when You were talking about our function prediction, You said that “the country has entered a stage of stable growth in the conditions of small resources.” Not only is that inaccurate. Moreover, in the coming years, real economic growth will not be. And this is dangerous because more than five years of falling real incomes of the middle class. Neither the Government nor the President do not understand this issue, although calls for investment and promises to make the economy of Russia 5th in the world (i.e., overtaking Germany, with a population in 2 times less) they are heard more than 10 years.

You rightly said that the task of economic growth should work with mathematicians, economists, sociologists, political scientists. And I say not only. This is a task for the entire Academy, all branches.
I support Your idea to create a center of scientific support for strategic planning and asked to write down me.

It is a worthy and challenging task. I’m trying to restore a method of integral balances and the method of inter-sectoral balance in the economy (Leontief method) at mekhmat. Their significance for understanding the economy even forgot Professor of Economics. Although these statements are analogues of the law of conservation of mass in a multicomponent environment.



Every year we lose about 2% of researchers. At a meeting with President Putin, You mentioned this issue vaguely, but offered no solutions, although we discussed it at the Presidium, at a meeting with You. But you have to subside graduate school. Save!!!

What postgraduate training of young scientist (it’s like 2 * 2 = 4) V. V. Putin confirmed.

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And the rector of the mining University Professor Litvinenko and loudly pointed out at the meeting of the Council for science that the key to solving the problem of training young scientists to raise the salary of a graduate to the average wage. Well, not a grown man with higher education to live on 4-6 thousand rubles a month. The rector warned that soon no one will work on complex instrumentation and to teach. You should only confirm this by asking the President to give instructions to the Government.

This is the first and necessary step to raise the prestige of the young scientist, there was a contest in graduate school.

Next. Vladimir Putin at the Council for science reproached us that we have not built a transparent and impartial examination of results in the fundamental Sciences. He agreed that… the key indicators are not publication, and “citazione” indicators “and based on the reputation of responsibility and the professional community. … It must be done”.

But in these words of the President and answer. All we have done, in institutions, in offices, and in presentations at annual meetings of branches and the General meeting of RAS. We every 5 years all certified research personnel. We conducted comprehensive inspections of all RAS institutes. It is necessary to restore the decisive influence of the Academy of Sciences and its departments on the planning and evaluation of scientists and institutions. Scientists should evaluate scientists, not librarians. So we had to answer to the President that we had, but destroyed the bureaucratic army.

And officials need to rely solely on these estimates.

And now untrained officials of the Department of coordination of science form the state assignment to institutions of RAS with fold increase in the number of publications, although for me M. M. Kotyukov uttered to them that do not.

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Of state assignment should form the institutions themselves with the thematic Branches of RAS. This and only this is scientific-methodical management of wounds.

And the Ministry of education and science, as an entity, should plan financial and economic activity on the basis of accepted in the Academy of Sciences of the gozzadini.


Alexander Mikhailovich!

You are excessively optimistic talk about the amendments to the notorious law that gives us additional powers. This:

1. Expertise and scientific-methodical management of all educational institutions and universities.

How is it possible for us to implement if we were wiped from the leadership of our academic institutions? We do not have neither power nor mechanisms.

2. Scientific diplomacy

We have a lot selected. Almost all of them. Many fear that we are losing the Academy, its public status.

Let’s save his own SCIENTIFIC HONOR, to understand and to speak the truth, although this is hard to do. But the only way to save the Academy.

Not President of the country to leave under the influence of only officials and a small group of persons. And for this we must speak the TRUTH louder and clearer, and not make up, trying to be PLEASANT.

Think of Gavriil Derzhavin, who was proud that I could “the truth to tsars with a smile to say.”

Dear Alexander Mikhailovich! What I recommend, it is very hard to do. Very! But as President of the Academy of Sciences, You have to be intelligent will in the Government and in cooperation with the President of the country.

 You should seek the return of the Russian Academy of Sciences the status of a founder of academic institutions. You have to lift the load. Otherwise, in vain OUR perfection.

Otherwise, we will not be able to help You, though I want to.

Iskanderovich Robert Nigmatulin, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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