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Visit to the most winding street in the world will be paid

Посещение самой извилистой улицы в мире станет платнымThe attraction is located in San Francisco.

Tourists in the U.S. city of San Francisco will soon have to pay to ride on Lombard street, which is considered one of the most popular and the most winding street in the world.

It is assumed that travel on this small slope, representing a real serpentine, surrounded by beautiful flowerbeds, the future of oboydetsya $ 10.

The reason for this decision is simple – too many tourists. Every day Lombard street is visited by 6,000 visitors who still stop to take photos.

The transport Department of San Francisco proposes to require tourists to make a visit to Lombard street online. Fee составит5 dollars for the car. Another proposal concerns the online registration and pay $ 10 on weekends and holidays.

However, the city will need to obtain permission from the state to ensure that people pay for travel on public roads.

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