Wednesday , February 20 2019
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Violence will not stop us

Насилие нас не остановит

I’m not gonna lie, I like IC3PEAK. No, I like different music. But you know what this position differs from the position of those in power?

What I don’t like, I’m not listening. But we can quite well exist in parallel. I do not admire false rhyme “pig — ment”, and to me its forcibly hammered in his ears. But that’s me.

But if something is not like some secret agent, officer or whatever he forbids it. The musician puts on the handcuffs, pulling him in prison and impose on others their own aesthetic rules. Stas Mikhailov and the film “Shield and sword”.

Just get away from musicians. Artists, poets, writers. Yes, actually all of them get away. You with its prohibitions and violence — in any case, the past. Rotten Soviet past, in which the same were you banned everything, from ENU to Vysotsky. Your violence you have not stop, you are annoying.

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