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Viewers – about the show “Sorge”: the new shtirlitsa not wait…

Телезрители - о сериале «Зорге»: нового Штирлица не дождались...

A 12-episode series, had lain two years on the shelf and it is shown, finally, on the First channel absolutely do not like the viewers

On the First channel ended the show a 12-episode series “Sorge”, dedicated to the legendary scout, allegedly reported to Stalin about the exact date of the German attack on the Soviet Union.

Irina Ziganshina

Good seems to be cast with Domogarova in the title role, Victoria Isakova, Andrew Rudensky, etc., Played a police officer and the beautiful Japanese actor Osamu Yamamoto, and himself the Director of the series Sergei Ginzburg: the role of a fictional character, the antagonist Sorge – a Schlesinger. Great camera work, realistic shooting on location in Shanghai, which preserved the scenery, recreating the Tokyo of the 1940s years.


Well, actually, everything. Because viewers do not like the movie. This probably was greatly exceeded audience expectations: thought it would be the second “17 moments of spring”, but it turned out…

It turned out something completely different. Here is what one of the men on the forum site Movie

“A complete failure. Ginzburg is very weak. 1. The script is just the place. Nothing proiskhodit. Guff. The dialogues are weak. Well, at least phrase strong inserted, humor, philosophy. Nothing. And so and so 2. The directing moves unprofessional and weak. No suspense, no tension. 3. Domogarov complete zero. Not only that, it’s not like Sorge, apparently, really loves himself and direct admire him so still and plays with the lazy, like “I will finish and go home pipka papiti…” does Not fit it for this role in particular, and the main role at all. Stalin. Why do these scenes show? Well, if you decided to show, how the boost stage, think about the dialogues, all empty. Yes, and Stalin outwardly ridiculous. The only one who looks good, it Rudensky. All. Just cut the dough an acquaintance. One friend hired a friend of the Director, the Director assembled friends in the team and how quick something blind…”

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Domogarov not like anybody. Literally every response complaints: well, it was not his role, he’s too old for her, too flabby, too lazy. Many, however, agreed that the shoot Domogarov in the same role 15 years ago, but another Director, but with a different writer, it would be very could to glorify and Sorge himself in his role. And… well, Stirlitz-Titanova of Sorge-Domogarova decisively failed, and this is half the success of the series.


Телезрители - о сериале «Зорге»: нового Штирлица не дождались... 

After about Sorge have already filmed many movies, and can be removed again, and very interesting and high quality movie, good preserved about him and documentary evidence (although his personal files and burned), and knowledge about his preferences.

You could try to uncover how he was able to influence the decisions of the Japanese government. Because Sorge was the mind of the scientist – sociologist, philosopher, economist. He mastered these Sciences, and wrote articles, kept in mind the huge amount of information, read many books, loved music, and mainly German, Wagner. Records, books, a typewriter, Sorge always carried with him, wherever. It is in society he played many roles, and different people spoke about it in different ways: for some, it was funny, a womanizer, a drunkard, and for other – wise the expert, who consulted the Japanese Ministers.

Like Domogarov, and Ginzburg was preparing for this shoot, was sitting in the library, talked with the scouts, but apparently nothing of value out of this for myself, not made.


“And here’s a fake of some of the ambassadorial Affairs, the hackneyed cliche! Why would you remove the millionth time?!” – exclaims one of the spectators.

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Even more definite about the content of the show sounds this review:


Телезрители - о сериале «Зорге»: нового Штирлица не дождались... 

“No message about the beginning of the war June 22, Sorge did not pass. This myth has long been disproved. Overall the film is boring and sometimes (even often) karikaturen. At least all the scenes with Stalin.

The authors try to make a new page in History. With a hangover they made in the summer of 1938 Beria head of the NKVD, interfering in the Affairs of the razvedupr of the red army? He became head of the NKVD at the end of 1938.

So why distort the real historical figure, as a friend and colleague Max Klausen, Sorge, inventing nonsense about the machinations of “bloody gebni” against him and his wife Anna .And they are still in 1935, came to Tokyo to help Sorge, and after the war, after serving in a Japanese prison, was still alive and healthy.

What is a good material ruined by speculation and the present nonsense. Surely the real lives and struggles of Sorge and his associates would not be enough for the show?”

A little better the opinion of a professional film critic Kirill Ivanov

“The first wish when you are viewing a new “Sorge” – it squeeze. Literally, as when washing, remove excess water. Cut each scene in a few seconds. To get everyone to run, to move, to worry, to think. Indeed, to conduct espionage, really, to risk his life. I want all to shout with the voice of Mueller-Armor: “work, Work!“. No, everything is clear. Twelve episodes of 52 minutes – no joke. They also need something to fill!

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But, in the end, and it could be possible to forgive the creators of the series tried do not sleep nights, hundreds of drafts written, but failed, what to do. But what you do not want to forgive, so it is contempt for the audience. Okay, that Sorge rides a motorcycle instead of a BMW “Zundapp” that Max Klausen too adorble for underground Communicator that Ambassador Ott uniform in size less than needed that the employees of the Embassy go to jackets-abdelilah almost like a grown up, maybe there was no money for new suits, it happens.

But when in a serious scene where Stalin, Voroshilov and Beria preside over the destinies of our residency, Voroshilov lifted up the edge of the shirt, excuse me, the Pope, and the viewer only, it seems, who notices this when Stalin the roots of the hair strip away the black paint is visible, everything collapses and turns into a Comedy club. And there is one last wish – to flee from this farce, reeking of mothballs, and the spirit of schlock….”

In General, a great Saga about Stirlitz and müller here even close and did not smell.

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