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Us Bank has loaned Ukraine $350 million

Американский банк одолжил Украине $350 млнJPMorgan bought all dorazmeshchenie the Ministry of Finance Eurobonds.

JPMorgan Chase & Co loaned the Ukrainian government about $350 million two weeks before the first round of presidential elections, writes the newspaper the Wall Street Journal, citing sources familiar with the transaction.

According to the newspaper, the Bank declared the sole organizer of dolyushka Ukraine 10-year Eurobonds, on their own they bought, which is a departure from the standard practice.

According to the newspaper, in recent weeks, Ukrainian officials held several informal meetings with the managers of bond funds in Miami and new York. The topic for discussion was the issue of new debt obligations in connection with growth of demand for Eurobonds of emerging markets and their higher prices. However, investors are urged to postpone the sale of new debt before the election, the publication.

In this regard, JPMorgan has offered Ukraine to oviposit Eurobond of $350 million maturing in 2028 and then sell them to the Bank.

According to the interlocutor of the newspaper, the Bank bought the bonds at the 98,88% of par, and resold them to investors at market rates of approximately 100,50%. If JPMorgan will sell all bonds at that price, the profit from the transaction will be approximately $5.7 million

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