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Up to 20 hydrogen cars by 2020

В ногу со временем: 20 водородных моделей авто к 2020 году

Experts have calculated that 12 automakers in two years will be able to provide 20 models of cars on hydrogen fuel. And by 2030 such cars will be produced about 500 thousand per year. Company (RVC) and Frost & Sullivan in its report said, based on the results of market research of alternative fuels.

The hydrogen fuel cell can generate electrical energy for the electric motor vehicle, and to thereby replace the conventional engine. This “green” source of energy and also has an almost inexhaustible resource. Its only drawback is the emission of water vapor and heat. In contrast to existing internal combustion engines, the hydrogen fuel cells have no moving parts, loss of efficiency in their work is minimal.

Analysts predict that Asians will soon take a leading position on the market of hydrogen cars. Specifically we are talking about Toyota and Hyundai, their share of total sales after 12 years would be approximately 30% and 25% respectively.

The main actors in investing in the development of hydrogen fuel are Japan, South Korea, USA and European countries. The experts also noted that the Russian market is not yet ready for such changes.

Alex Volostnov, managing Director of Frost & Sullivan explained that the hydrogen energy source is considerably better in cold winters, unlike electric motors, which in a cold climate in order to reduce the maximum range. And the cost of hydrogen transportation may be lower than current models, which is also reflected in the preference of consumers and on the development of the market.

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But in addition to the fuel itself, you also need to take care about the infrastructure for refueling them. Currently, the number of hydrogen stations worldwide is small – about 250, and 75% of them located in the United States and Europe. Frost & Sullivan predicts that by 2030, increase this number to 7.5 thousand. Thus, it will give impetus to investments in this industry.

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