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Unknown driver knocked down a eleventh-grader in Irkutsk

Неизвестный водитель насмерть сбил одиннадцатиклассника в Иркутске

In Irkutsk the police are searching for the driver of the car, shot down to death a student of class 11 Wednesday morning at a crosswalk, reports the press service of the regional interior Ministry cupola.

As noted, the incident happened at approximately 08:00 local time on the street Baikal, near the cinema “Barguzin”. The source reports that 17-year-old died at the scene of the accident and the driver fled the scene. At the moment near the site of the incident found a similar car with characteristic lesions. In the Chapter of the Ministry of interior stated that his staff establish a person involved in the incident and urge him to come to the police station to testify.

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