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Ukrainians will be able to see again the “blood” moon

Украинцы смогут вновь увидеть «кровавую» ЛунуWhen you can see this phenomenon.

The last supermoon in 2019 passed in the night from 18 to 19 February. However, it can be observed again in the night from 19 to 20 Feb. Have already appeared the first photos and video of this phenomenon.

So, the Moon approached the Earth at a distance (between centers) 356,763 kilometers. The next time the Moon will be even closer to the Ground, only on 24 December 2026 and December 6, 2052.

It will then be recorded the minimum distance between celestial bodies in the XXI century – 356,447 kilometers.

On Tuesday evening, February 19, at about 17:00 Ukrainians will be able to see the full moon, which will appear larger than usual.

In order to to see everything, you need to choose an observation point with an open horizon. Observations may prevent cloudiness and light pollution in big cities. As always with astronomical phenomena, the observer is better to leave the city, in an open place without large light sources.

Украинцы смогут вновь увидеть «кровавую» Луну

Online broadcast at about 17:00 on the Kiev time on February 19 you can see here:

It is recommended to refrain from showdown and important conversations. It is also worth to pay more attention to your mood, because negative thoughts are stronger than usual influence on human behavior and “program” him to further failure.

You should also pay attention to health: in such periods tend to worsen chronic diseases.

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