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Ukrainians reminded what medical do surgery for free

Украинцам напомнили, какие медицинские операции делают бесплатноFor I have no right to demand money.

The word operation, the Ukrainians arise from Association with costs. If the operation is always paid and very expensive. However, shanenawa medical reform, some surgical intervention should be done immediately and free of charge.

In Ukraine in acute myocardial urgently in the next few hours should carry out stenting.

2017 when Ukraine started to centrally purchase the stents is necessary for the operation of the materials in 100% of cases have to ask the Ukrainians free of charge. However, current realities show a different picture.

Every Ukrainian who needs such an operation needs to demand service for free, they already paid taxes. And those drugs that the state has purchased and funded from the state budget.

“In acute myocardial successful operation must be made within two hours, and never in this time to sort things out and to seek justice. The very tragedy of the situation lies in the fact that man or his family do not have the ability and time to effectively protect their rights. They don’t have the time for a showdown with the clinic’s management or with the management of the Institute.”

Regarding the distribution of stents, before they were passed to the region based on population. Now they are supplied directly to hospitals in accordance with the needs.

The more operations there are doing, the more stents give the clinic. In addition, such operations are carried out in large cities in Ukraine and these centers provide quality services at the European level. Therefore, Ukrainians do not need to go to the capital.

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