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Ukrainian military destroyed the sniper of insurgents. Video

Украинские военные уничтожили снайпера боевиков. ВидеоThe video first shows a sniper scope and shot noise.

An officer of the Armed forces of Ukraine Anatoly Stefan Stirlitz has published another combat video shot by the drone.

Then on the video the UAV is the figure of a man lying on the ground, it ran two more stop near him and then, apparently, crawling to him. Then again, on all fours trying to pull the first, allegedly from the zone of fire, writes real.

Anatoly Stefan Stirlitz says:”a section of the front intensified by an enemy sniper. Skillful actions he was stung by the warrior OS. The invaders tried to save it immediately, but they did not work, and save the second number with a sniper pair of Russian invaders”.

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