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Ukraine once again comes cool air

В Украину вновь идет прохладный воздухWill do without rain.

On Tuesday, April 2, in Ukraine a bit colder, however, in most regions continues to be Sunny and without rain.

Rain is possible on April 2 in Kharkiv, Donetsk and Lugansk regions. A day in the regions will be +7…+11 degrees, at night +1…+4 degrees.

In other regions of Ukraine will prevail Sunny weather. In the West during the day to 12 degrees. Night possible small disadvantage: -2…+1 degrees. In the South will be even warmer. In Odessa to 14 degrees by day, at night the temperature will keep at level +1…+4 degrees.

In the Central and Northern part of the country, including in Kiev is still possible night a small “minus”. The day temperature will rise to +8…+11 degrees. Precipitation is not expected.

В Украину вновь идет прохладный воздух

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