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Ukraine for the first time gave prisoners from the “LC”

Украине впервые отдали заключенных из «ЛНР»From Lugansk in the Ukrainian prison have taken 42 prisoners.

Verkhovna Rada Commissioner on human rights Lyudmila Denisova said on the transfer of the Ukrainian side 42 of the convicts, who were previously in the prisons of the occupied Donbass, but expressed a desire to serve their sentence on the territory controlled by Ukraine.

About the Ombudsman reported in Facebook.

“Just in the town of Happiness took our convicts, imprisoned in the uncontrolled part of the Luhansk region…this time the representatives of the occupation administration in the temporarily occupied territories in the Luhansk region handed down to us 42. Also, the Ukrainian side were handed over to their criminal cases,” wrote Denisov.

According to the Ombudsman, this is the first transfer of convicted persons with uncontrolled territories in Luhansk region.

“They are through relatives and friends or with the help of human rights defenders, has expressed a desire to return to continue serving the sentence in government-controlled territory of Ukraine”, – said Denisov.

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