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Trump will give Putin another two months time

Трамп даст Путину еще два месяца времени

“Before the final withdrawal from the INF Treaty the United States wants to give Russia another two months time,” according to German newspaper Der Spiegel. “According to Der Spiegel, ahead of today’s meeting of foreign Ministers of the countries-participants of NATO in Brussels, Washington signaled its allies, which up until that time he is not going to formally withdraw from the Treaty banning medium-range missiles, ground-based,” the report journalists Matthias Gebauer and Christoph Schult.

“Earlier, the US surprisingly openly reported confidential data to prove a breach of contract by Russia. According to Spiegel, the US government partners showed the shot of the satellite that recorded the line of flight of a cruise missile SSC-8 land-based missile with a range of over 500 km”, – the newspaper reminds.

In addition, the journalists added, the United States called the companies that participate in the development and production of missiles.

“After the analysis conducted by the Federal intelligence service of Germany (BND), the German government had considered the evidence quite compelling,” says the article.

“However, Berlin and other European capitals are keeping a low profile when it comes to the mention of the possible consequences or even indirect threats from NATO – note Gebauer and Schult. – If NATO is not only a witness to the violations of the Treaty, but is in danger of consequences, then, according to the logic of deterrence as during the cold war, a possible reaction, in fact, can only be placing its medium-range missiles”.

“It would give an impetus to a new arms race in Europe – it was to prevent the prisoner, in 1987 the United States and Russia of the INF Treaty. Due to the postponement of the formal termination of the US Treaty, the Europeans, at least won the time,” according to the journalists, noting that to keep US from withdrawal from the Treaty for a long time, seems German diplomats realistic enough.

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