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“Trophy” opening: Soviet science developed rapidly after the war

"Трофейные" открытия: советская наука бурно развивалась только после войны

Historian Sergei Tsvetkov leads the curious table of the number of new large discoveries of domestic scientists. It shows that “explosive growth” the contribution of our minds accounts for the postwar period, which leads to sad conclusions: it was borrowing or recycling removed after 1945 from Germany.

The table noticeable when the “trophy” heritage began to dry up – after 30-35 years after the war, when, apparently, began to die, the scientists who worked with him. By the way – this generation of scientists who as a child received his gymnasium education in pre-revolutionary Russia or studied in the 1920-ies the old teachers because the other teachers was not. But when there is a generation of graduates of Soviet universities – their contribution to science was already more modest.



"Трофейные" открытия: советская наука бурно развивалась только после войны

…That’s 27 years after the revolution, there was a lot built, many have mastered, and how little your major we’ve made in technology! Personally I can only name one major achievement is synthetic rubber. This achievement is truly global, then we were initially ahead, but unfortunately, today we have already surpassed America, and Germany. But how little we ourselves felt the importance of this major achievement! Academician Lebedev, a pioneer and Creator, would have to be a national hero, and he’s after a trip to the hard car got caught typhus and died in 1934, Is a shameful for our case. Need here just to say that in a capitalist country, if Lebedev would have died, probably in your the parlor car and in the crash of his train. It’s not a coincidence, this only shows that we feel still need people doing the new technique. Their history we have always one is a Lefty Leskov. Partly, maybe it’s just because of the genius folk at us a lot, why we are so rude with him.

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During these 27 years capitalist countries have, by my count, about twenty-fundamentally new areas of technological development, the strength of our synthetic rubber. I refer to them, for example, synthetic fuel, plastics (plexiglass, etc.), turbine internal combustion, television, extra-hard alloy (tungsten carbide), rocket planes, etc. And we gave only one.”

Further, the historian notes that discoveries could be more if the period of the revolution and then during the reign of Stalin left Russia, did not die or was not arrested hundreds of talented scientists. You can recall at least died in prison of hunger academician Nikolai Vavilov, biologist of world level or left in the United States the inventor of the color television Vladimir Zworykin, aircraft designer Igor Sikorsky.

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