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These tips will help to start a stalled car

Эти советы помогут завести заглохший автомобиль In most cases it is enough to make a few simple steps.

Ceased to wind up the motor. Turn the key and silence! The battery is new and fully charged, a problem precisely not in it. So, what is it? This question will be answered leading specialist of the original service of the Corporation “UkrAVTO” Alex Bakaly.

“Maybe your car broke down the starter. There is still the possibility that when replacing or removing and installing the battery after charging was poorly tightened terminals or they simply oxidized”.

“In the first case it is better to seek help from professionals, because there is no power to the starter, and disassembly of the starter when the need for its repair or replacement – the work is not simple. In the second case, you can eliminate the problem yourself by pulling up the terminals”.

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