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These products can improve the blood circulation of the whole body

Эти продукты могут улучшить кровообращение всего организмаNormal and intensive blood circulation protects from a number of problems and diseases.

There are foods that improve blood flow to the entire body.

Dark chocolate. If you are experiencing guilt during absorption of chocolate, then this information will certainly help to get rid of it. In moderation dark chocolate is fantastic in its usefulness a part of a diet. It helps to produce nitric oxide, which plays a critical role in protecting the heart and veins. Cocoa is the whole plant of antioxidants that help to control blood pressure and increased cholesterol, and improves blood circulation in the body.

Radish. A popular garden plant which also has a positive effect on blood circulation. Radish is rich in minerals, including potassium, which normalizes blood pressure. Half a Cup of chopped radish contain 135 mg of potassium, reducing blood pressure.

The beet juice. Beets are rich in nitrates, actively influencing the flow of blood through the body, which quickly nourishes all our tissues with oxygen. Be sure to eat the beet juice to improve blood supply, regardless of, whether you are exercising or not. This juice improves the ability to move people with peripheral artery disease who experience pain when walking.

Pepper. Red and green peppers also are among foods that have a positive effect on blood circulation. Pepper contains capsaicin, which is good for health each year is confirmed by new research. It is proved that capsaicin, important for normal blood circulation.

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