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The “wrong” star: why our cinema has stolen Tatyana Samoylova

«Неправильная» звезда: почему наш кинематограф отторг Татьяну Самойлову

These days, many TV channels show the legendary film by Mikhail Kalatozov “the cranes are Flying”. The show not only dedicated to the Victory Day. 5 years ago, the Day of his 80 years, died Tatiana Samoilova – actress of this film, winner of the Cannes film festival, actress mysterious and tragic fate.

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In the domestic film industry there are few Actresses that has had so much fame and so much of forgetfulness, as Tatiana Samoilova. Her whole life is a series of UPS and downs. Why favorite Western Directors is known at home two or three “star” role?

Tatiana was the daughter of the famous Soviet actor Yevgeny Samoilov. The father took the girl with him to the theatre. Colleagues joked: “Daughter Samoylova is growing behind the scenes!”. However, the mother saw the daughter of a ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre. However, teachers of the ballet school verdict:”the Data do not meet the standards of classical ballet”. The collapse of the ballet career didn’t upset the girl. Later she would enter the Shchukin drama school. While still a student, she started acting. In 1955, the young actress debuted in the film Vladimir Kaplunovskii “the Mexican”, and in 1956 she was invited for the lead role in the film “the cranes are Flying” Mikhail Kalatozov. Despite the excellent camera work and brilliant Samoilova, the Soviet press was met by a picture of “hostility”. You had your reasons. As” rel=”nofollow”>writes in LJ user” rel=”nofollow”>ygashae_zvezdu, “Khrushchev Samoilov did not look. He called her character “hairy whore”. National Newspapers began to “the cranes are Flying” to heat up for removal from screens. Helped the case. The film I saw on the internship in Moscow Claude Lelouch. Seen him so shocked that he told me about the outstanding painting of the Directorate of the festival de Cannes. The Directorate has asked for the contest “Cranes”.



«Неправильная» звезда: почему наш кинематограф отторг Татьяну Самойлову 

Tatiana Samoilova was the opening and star of the Cannes film festival.


“The cranes are flying” was the only Soviet feature film, received the “Palme d’or” at the Cannes festival. Samoilov was awarded the Cannes special of triumph, she was given the award for “Orange tree.” It seemed to come the actress will find a lot of attractive offers. But many in the Soviet Union condemned the heroine Samoilova. “The people of that time were not clear to Veronica, which, after seeing to the front of the bridegroom, married to his brother. The Soviet people condemned such act. Besides Samoylova created unusual for the Soviet viewer the image of a relaxed girl who is not ashamed of his emotions,” – said “NO” to the Director of Studio “trite” Vitaliy Maksimov.

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There was another reason. The father of Samoylov was a Russian and mother is a Polish Jew. The anti-Semitism that flourished in the Soviet Union, something identified ambiguous attitude to her personality officials from the cinema. Anyway, after the triumph of the film “the cranes are Flying” after a long time not removed. Why? The success at the Cannes film festival drew to Samoilova the attention of foreign producers and Directors, who vied with each other in doing her work. She even received an offer to play in the Hollywood film adaptation of Anna Karenina. On the role of Vronsky was planned by Philip Gerard. However, Samoilov acting in Hollywood was not allowed. She said: “the Head of the foreign relations Department of the state comrade Davydov decided everything for me. Led to foreign producers some ridiculous arguments: Samoilov de has no higher education and something else like that”.

Samoilov do was expelled from the Shchukin school, depriving higher education. After the triumph at the Cannes festival she had to pass the entrance exam to GITIS and re-prove that she has acting skills.


«Неправильная» звезда: почему наш кинематограф отторг Татьяну Самойлову 

Attention to Tatiana Samoilova Western Directors, offers to appear in Hollywood is not happy colleagues and officials of the Soviet cinema.


Next film kalatozova Urusevskogo and Samoilova was the “unsent letter”. Then came the break. Here’s how explains it the user” rel=”nofollow”>ygashae_zvezdu: “Every Moscow film festival has become Samoilova festival, looking for her guests. The meeting sought Mylene Demonio, Marco Bellochio, Simone Signore. Naturally, this could not please the colleagues of the actress and the authorities.” There was another reason. “You need to remember about the selectivity of the actors of that generation. They were quite cranky, picky, and agree not in every role. Often denied even renowned filmmakers to say: “it’s not perfect”, “it was contrary to my way.” The star of the Cannes film festival were eligible for the waiver. But when such failures have accumulated too much, Samoilova had gained a reputation as “naughty”, and she stopped to offer meaningful roles,” says Director Vitaly Maksimov.

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«Неправильная» звезда: почему наш кинематограф отторг Татьяну Самойлову 

To approve Samoilov for the lead role in “Anna Karenina”, Director Alexander Zarkhi had to persuade the arts Council, who believed that the actress “no Russian” face.



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The second star role, after waiting only in 1967. Directed by Alexander Zarkhi, with difficulty defeated the arguments of the artistic Council that Samoilova “Russian face” and achieved the approval of Actresses for the role of Anna Karenina. Vronsky had played her former husband Vasily Lanovoy. “Anna Karenina” was a hit but after this film the actress again for a long time forget…

By the way, in the movie “Anna Karenina” Samoilova had to play with her former husband Vasily Lanovoy. They met while studying at the Shchukin school and were married in 1956. However, their marriage was short-lived. Lanovoy wanted a normal family, children. Samoilov are unable to give him this … In 1961, the actress began to appear in Soviet-the Hungarian film “Alba Regia”. In film expeditions, she began an affair with the author of the script – the famous Soviet writer and journalist Valery Osipov. They married, but the marriage lasted not long: after dreamed of motherhood, and Osipov could not have children. The marriage broke up. Third husband of the actress became the administrator of the circus Eduard Moshkovich. In this marriage the actress was destined to learn the joy of motherhood, in 1969, she was born son Dmitry. But a good mother Samoilov did not become. She wanted to play, not sit home with the baby. Soon broke up the marriage. Samoilov wanted to lose myself in work, but the Directors, if by agreement, avoided her attention. After birth Samoylova very stout, her mental and physical health began to fail. For some time it was filmed at the Dovzhenko film Studio. Following the film “diamonds for the dictatorship of the proletariat”, which was released in 1975, was waiting for her inoperativ long 25 years…

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«Неправильная» звезда: почему наш кинематограф отторг Татьяну Самойлову 

The meeting of the actress with her son Dmitry was a rarity : a young doctor lived and worked in the United States.


…The last years she lived all alone. Son, became a physician, received an invitation to work in the United States and stayed there forever. His visits with her mother were rare.

“It all ended in tears,” says the film’s Director Vitaly Maksimov. – ” Tatiana Evgenievna was a regular movie House, and everyone saw that it came to actual poverty. Remember when I made a documentary, “Hunting the Lion”, Samoilov asked to give an interview about Leo Tolstoy. She readily agreed, and we recorded it. When the record ended, she abruptly asked: “And the fee?”. In the documentary film is generally not accepted, the money is transferred, as a rule, after the date of the film, but I found it awkward to explain all this Samoilova and I asked: “What amount would suit you, tat’yana Evgen’evna?” – ” At least a thousand rubles,” – she said. I gave her the money, blushing from how slight were the queries of the great actress. I knew by that time she already was seriously ill: she has early onset multiple sclerosis, and the disease was destroying her. In the actor’s environment said that after “Anna Karenina,” she began a mental problem – so the actress got into this role,” – said Vitaly Maximov.


«Неправильная» звезда: почему наш кинематограф отторг Татьяну Самойлову 

“At least a thousand rubles!” – asked Tatyana Evgenievna after filming an interview for a documentary…


Soviet movie star passed away early in may 2014, the day of his 80-th anniversary. “I plucked photo: Samoilov with Lelouche, with Simone Signore, Elizabeth Taylor, and such a terrible ending!” – says Vitaly Maximov.

…Probably in another time and in another country, her fate would have been different.

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