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The United States fly to the Sun

США летят к Солнцу

Today, August 12 at 11:31 a.m. Moscow time, the launch of super-heavy launch vehicle Delta IV United Launch Alliance, which put on a trajectory for our sun solar probe, “Parker”.

The launch took place from pad SLC-37 of the spaceport, the U.S. air force at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

This is one of the most expensive missions in the scientific history of NASA. The project cost at least $750 million.

To study the corona of the Sun, Solar Probe ragtag let her in for a distance of 6.2 million km – almost go into the photosphere. The station gets closer to the sun than any other manmade object.

About Sun station dimensions 1х3х2,3 meters and a weight of 555 kg will be deployed all the time to him a shield to sensitive to the temperatures of the hardware has always been in the shadows. The critical point of the trajectory surface of the shield heats up to almost 1400 degrees Celsius.

The maximum speed at the edge of the solar corona will be about 725 thousand km/h, or about 200 km/s. This will be the fastest man-made object of earthlings. With such speed the distance from Kiev to the most remote of the capital of another state of Wellington in New Zealand (about 17000 km) – can be overcome in less than 1.5 minutes.

Using probe, the scientists want to study the plasma around stars, the structure and dynamics of magnetic fields to measure the levels emitted by the corona energy and the acceleration of the solar wind. In addition, they are interested in what mechanisms create, accelerate and transport energetic particles.

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It was the third attempt to launch the Delta IV: initially, the rocket was to be launched on August 4 and after the transfer yesterday, August 11. Both times the start was postponed for technical reasons to be as confident in the success of the early phase of the mission.

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