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The story of the Oxford collar

История оксфордских воротничков

Strict shirt is not a relic of the past and not the outfit of the office plankton. As history shows, material Oxford, classic shirt early to throw in the dustbin of history. You’re probably familiar with this name: around the world things of this material has experienced a Renaissance and are increasingly encountered in the sale.

In the early 1990s with the development of grunge in Vogue flannel shirts in a cage. Since then they have become a win-win classics, which regularly becomes a trendy trend.

More traditional, classic shirt, until today, could hardly boast of such a status. For a long time the mods had enough of colorful t-shirts, Yes, hoodies with prints. Classic options seemed too formal and stiff.

After rethinking trends such as heritage, preppy and americana horizons of today’s youth fashion has improved markedly. Serious shirt instantly became the subject of basic wardrobe.

From a variety of classic styles today, the most interesting models are made of textured material Oxford.

Oxford’ω refers to a special method of weaving cotton fabric, in which fine threads combined with more dense. Due to such structure, oxford acquires a characteristic only to him relief. This method requires the use of long fiber cotton and a large number of yarn. This gives the material strength and makes it soft, despite the roughness. Another feature of the material is grainy colouring, on closer examination looked like a small cell. This effect is achieved by the interweaving of dyed and undyed threads.

Oxford appeared in the XIX century in Scotland. One of the weaving mills has developed four types of tissues, naming them in honor of world famous colleges: of Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard and Yale. To have survived only in Oxford.

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First use Oxford get in the game of Polo, where he quickly gained popularity due to the strength and lightness of the material. One of the curious features of the design of those shirts was that the tips of the collar were fastened to the shirt buttons, in order to avoid being hit in the face in a strong wind. This idea greatly impressed the American, John Brooks, grandson of the founder of the legendary brand Brooks Brothers.

Returning from a trip to England, in 1896, Brooks released the first shirt with a similar collar in America. This collar has got the name of the button down, which subsequently became the ordinary term.

Lacoste Polo then pushed Oxford out of the sport, and the material was in ordinary life. Particularly popular Oxford received on College campuses in the northeast United States, where such shirts were worn by both teachers and students.

Due to the increased recent attention to Oxford manufacturers has significantly moved away from the canons of design. Classics Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers are doing a slim-fit options for shirts. Independent manufacturers sew Oxford shirt military and work plan — shorter, with pockets and loops to tuck the sleeves. The fabric itself has ceased to be the only shirt: Supreme and Huf made from their iconic Oxford 5 panel. You can even come across women’s tops and skirts made of this fabric, which has historically been considered an exclusively male material.

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