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The share of noncash payments payment cards increased

Доля безналичных расчетов платежными картами увеличиласьThe share of cashless transactions using payment cards reached 45.1 per cent.

In Ukraine, the share of cashless transactions using payment cards issued by Ukrainian banks, at the end of 2018 reached 45.1 per cent. This is 5.8 V. p. more in comparison with the results of 2017 (39.3 per cent).

This was reported on the website of the National Bank.

“This positive trend is associated with a stable increase in the demand for non-cash transactions and promotion of innovative financial services. The number of cashless transactions during this period grew by almost 33% and amounted to 3.1 billion, and the volume – 55.4% and amounted to 1297 billion UAH (compared to 2017)”, – stated in the message.

The greatest number of such operations accounted for the payments in the retail network – 51,2%.

At the same time, the volume of cashless transactions has seen significant growth in operations of P2P transfers. So, compared to 2017, the volume was doubled from 220 billion USD to 465 billion (the share of such transactions increased by 9.5 percentage points to 35.8 percent of the total volume of cashless transactions). however, the share of payment cards in trade network fell by 2.6 VP from 31.9% to 29.3%.

It is noted that for the year 2018, the network of payment terminals increased by 20.2% to 279,0 thousand pieces. Also in the past year increased the number of contactless payment POS terminals. This contributed to the promotion of such innovative services like Apple Pay and Google Pay, which began its work in Ukraine. At the moment, 79.4% of trade POS-terminals in Ukraine provides the possibility of contactless payment (as of January 1, 2018 and 70.2%).

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In addition, becoming increasingly popular in Ukraine contactless payment services using smartphones and other capable devices NFС. The tokenization services enable you to use payment cards (including those with magnetic stripe only) for contactless payments. At the same time, every ninth of active payment cards in Ukraine is a contactless 4.0 million PCs is 44.3% higher compared with the beginning of 2018.

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