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The release of the card game Artifact

Состоялся релиз карточной игры ArtifactTogether with the global sales start Valve released a release trailer for Artifact.

After 5 years of silence, Valve released a new game – Artifact. A collectible card game in the universe of Dota 2 has managed to make a lot of noise before its release, though not as much as would the developers.

The gaming community was dissatisfied with the system of monetization Artifact, which, in the opinion of the gamers, surpassed even EA and Ubisoft. Valve blamed in need of an infusion of real money to obtain new cards, because the other way to get the coveted card in the game simply no. Fans even joke that “the Best map in this game is your credit card”. However, after a closed testing, Valve has answered some of the complaints and made changes to the Artifact, but some questions are still open.

Состоялся релиз карточной игры Artifact

At the time of writing the game has mixed user reviews on Steam (61% positive), and on Metacritic gamers and completely blew the project to pieces – 25/100. Almost all the criticism in the direction of the Artifact for monetization. As for the rest, according to users, it is a great collectible card game, which lacks the ability to obtain cards without an infusion of their blood. Artifact is praised for fascinating and thought-out gameplay, and also for the lesser impact of the luck factor on the outcome of the match unlike Hearthstone and other representatives of the genre.

Together with the global sales start Valve released a release trailer for Artifact, as well as the comic “Call of battle” – it can be read on this page. Recall that unlike other modern collectible card games, it is not free and costs $20.

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