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The priest who opposed the “tannhäuser”, was awarded “for combating extremism”

Священника, выступавшего против «Тангейзера», наградили «за противодействие экстремизму»

In Novosibirsk the head of the Federal center of “e” major General Oleg Ilyin presented the rector of the Cathedral of Alexander Nevsky Alexander Novopashin, who spoke against “tannhäuser”, the medal “For the counteraction of extremism”. The priest also awarded a medal in honor of the 10th anniversary of the organization of the Center “e”, which was waiting for him a few months, according to “Taiga.Info” with reference to the press service of the Novosibirsk diocese.

Recall, we are talking about the events of 2015, when Novopashin succeeded in stopping the screening of the Opera “tannhäuser” at the Novosibirsk Opera and ballet theatre due to the fact that in the play, Jesus Christ appears in an erotic context. Then the theatre Director Boris Mezdrich was forced to leave his post.

As the constant scandals surrounding the ROC has led to protests against new churches

In March, 2019 “tannhäuser” was staged in the new concert version, which was approved by the Archdiocese. According to the publication, in 2017 Novopashin after the attack on the monument to Nicholas II blamed the mayor Anatoly Elbow in “trampling on spirituality and discrediting of the Russian Orthodox Church”. In the same year the temple novopashina previously receiving Federal and provincial grants, was left without funding.

As radio station “Echo of Moscow” in 2016 Novopashin on the order of the Center “e” made a film about the sectarians and the terrorists. Shooting took place in the village, where the rehabilitation center for drug addicts.

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