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The phenomenon Buzova or What we allow them?

Феномен Бузовой или Что мы им позволяем?

It is no secret that the real ruler of the minds of today’s average man in the street are not the writers, not scientists, not artists, not teachers, inventors, and other traditional purveyors of “reasonable, kind, eternal”, which are the glory and pride of the Fatherland, and their intellectual and ethical opposites that manage to sow in the minds and souls, so did the weeds, choke all the useful and sensible.

And the longer and the more likely viewers and listeners heed their idols — actors on a piece of paper, the singers mouth, the Comedy “below the belt”, “socialite” and other “stars” with their competent opinion on any issue, the more mentioned levelometer imbued with the consciousness of its own greatness and exceptionalism. We still at times surprised and indignant arrogance, deliberate precomatose, ignorance and stupidity of the media personalities who began to afford too much. But they allow themselves as much as we ascribe them to act — we, the viewers, the listeners and, strictly speaking, they are breadwinners and employers.

Olga Buzova, widely known in narrow circles of versatile personality, labored in several fields, referred to as a singer, actress, presenter, “socialite”, etc., was unsuccessful in the field of view of the public. The video, which mentioned “star” licked the plate (ugh, how ugly!), said that first, her delicious, and secondly it is “believe” in her native St. Petersburg (born-she was still in Leningrad) made on the plate not to leave food, was summoned to an ungrateful audience a storm of emotions, mostly negative.


Did she already apologize for the bad “joke” and said that she was misunderstood — it is, by and large, irrelevant. But what really matters is the fact that Buzova apparently there are no taboos over what to laugh and something you should not. Take it there isn’t much intelligence she has never shone, and not sought, believing that her talents are enclosed in a completely different field, but in connection with a public “joke” (not in the darkness of their native cuisine, there is at least the pan and lick the whip, what you want — nobody will know and the camera) not very smart “stars” about the siege of Leningrad was immediately reminded of the notorious “black Comedy” on the same subject — remember the film of Alexei Krasovsky “Holiday”?

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Remember. Only the lazy did not break the spear, proving it lawful to make a “sometimes lyrical and sad” laugh over war, blockade, hunger and cold, otplyasyvaya on the remains of hundreds of thousands of victims of Leningrad, or is it this is unacceptable, and the authors and performers of the film “masterpiece” should be public and the whole world to chide, so much so that another nepovadno was. But the team of “black jokers” in addition to individual users of a social network, not raschelovechilis, nobody scolded, not scolded, let alone any functionary, that “these things must be in charge”, did not punish the ruble and a severe reprimand, and, therefore, the Overton window opened a little more. In this window successfully penetrated Buzova — and what makes it worse Krasovsky? Also because levelsetting and highly successful.

Many will remember the scandalous performance of the “stars” of the show Comedy Woman who “joked” on the great Patriotic war hero General Vladimir Karbysheva. Actress Natalia Medvedeva was sure that “it’s a fictional character” and apologized. By and large referred to the women’s show also does not pull on the sowers “reasonable, good, eternal”, but on privelistea — completely. Because the joke level “the husband returned from a business trip” and “honey, my mother came to visit” does not contribute to the cultural, intellectual and aesthetic growth of the audience, but demanded by the population, the benefit to strain to comprehend their depth is not necessary. Of course, the man needs not only philosophy and work, sometimes the soul needs rest and entertainment, but the jokes on the topic of the great Patriotic war are highly questionable and even a factor of irritation, which is more than enough per capita.

In General, it is difficult to understand someone who has created — undemanding audience entertaining levelsetting or not very talented, but hungry for success, comfort, and fame “stars” artificially support the bar of its products as low as possible. And after all, everyone is happy, because no manufacturers pricewatch show, nor their consumers of a do not have to work, and work, just, including on the self in modern Russian as it is not very popular, because it does not guarantee neither success, nor wealth, nor fame, but trouble of a different kind — more like, because nobody likes a clever clogs. Will become more difficult and the masses will flee from you as from lepers, and the guardians of the electoral dementia tightly interested.

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Феномен Бузовой или Что мы им позволяем?

The above mentioned term “resolvechannel” used by Professor S. S. by Sulakshana in his description of the man of true categorical, where there are among others, the following criteria: empathy inherent in man is true, the indifference of non — human, and contempt — anticelulita. Also: the man is a true commitment to excellence. No-man — simple tastes. Anticelulit — destructiveness. Of course, handing out right and left to specific people any moral characteristics — a thankless task, but to go through the self test and in the silence of the secret depths to ask yourself the question: “is there not in me the signs of the non-human, or worse, anticheloveka?” everyone can. For example, ridiculous to me when very wealthy people who have no idea nor cold, nor hunger, nor about the war, joking about the siege of Leningrad, or I just don’t care, or I resent and resent, because it offended the memory of the dead in order that I now lived had fun, rude and silly jokes Russian privelistea?..

And after all media persons not only allow yourself lightly (more than mildly) to speak about history, memory, victims of wars and tragedies, but still alive compatriots do not really favor. For example, the ballerina and “socialite” (a nice euphemism, but the archaic “lady of the night” was not worse) Volochkova when she was asked a question about what to do about the 20 million citizens living below the poverty line, if they can’t just pick up and leave, said that they have to work more, and “no Smoking on the bench bull”, she is known all over the country a hard worker and Udarnitsa capitalist labor, she should know. “All who are not, get up and go to other countries. Live there,” she said, adding that neither the President nor government is to blame for the poverty of the Russians. Here it is some no, and fit into the market — and feel great.

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I remember this saying “ladies without camellias” a show on the channel Center sulakshina asked to comment on the Stepan Stepanovich, and he was sincerely perplexed and even, it seems, was upset by the fact that we are now living in such a wild time when the stupid and boorish statement is unknown than famous “stars” sounds louder and shirnarmass almost the greater and weightier than the words of the Professor, politics, two doctors of Sciences, who devoted his whole life to the most “reasonable, good and eternal”, the understanding of which the average man have to work hard and I do not want — Volochkova with her studded rhinestone bydlovatost somehow simpler and clearer.

And this is a deliberate policy leaders for a Long the States that emerged from the intellectual doorways: to exclude from daily use, just tedious “surges” on the contrary, download the population 24/7 jokes, gossip, scandals, news that a neighbor’s cow died and the base of freak show, in short, to lower the already fairly deep, the people in this abyss, from which there will be no refund. It is not by themselves have risen and glorified idols-levelstyle — no, call them, replicate them, quote them, they broadcast each of iron, they do not need to look, on the contrary, they have become so many and of such low grade that some members of ungrateful audience ready to run wherever you like and cut all the wires, just not to bump into another singer’s mouth or a good dancer, which neither fear the complete loss of the public, and therefore, and income, or public reprimand do not prevent to afford farther the steeper absolutely wild antics and statements.

In this truly infernal situation to do and how to live? Maybe skip the concert Buzova — no accounting for tastes, but the loss is really small, maybe off another telekanal with the participation of “stars”. And create yourself a true man, renouncing anticheloveka and all his works. As govorival N. Z:

“Do not let your soul be lazy!

That in the mortar the water not to pound,

The soul is obliged to work

And day and night and night and day!”

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