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The Oracle of a new world of love

Оракул нового мира любви

Some believe that Boris Valeggio – author of a new sexual world…

Well, define “sexy” or not sexy his art is the work of critics and hypocrites. But the fact that his art (and his creativity and work, of course, can be called art) is a vibrant and innovative one will not argue.

In his youth he was drawn to the beautiful. However, even then he wanted to have a beautiful torso and athletic body. And the guy was lucky, just damn lucky !.. In fact, he was the sitter for his wife, and she became a model for his works. And yet in his works he portrayed himself, or rather his body, looking at him in the mirror…

Boris Valeggio learned perfectly to depict a half-naked female body. And his work has made a significant contribution to a new direction in art – the fantasy genre. He is the author of book covers and gorgeous illustrations in the fantasy genre.

In his works, but otherwise will not say, share the myths and masculinity, and erotic fantasies involving the female body, of course within the bounds of decency.

Before the man was on the ridge. But, it seems, “Conan the barbarian” will soon displace the beautiful Amazon and the guest from the future and saddled his horse.

I wonder if he does not warn us that mankind will return to the matriarchy ?..

(New trends in art)

Sergey Paliy.

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