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The nutritionist told me what to eat to get rid of cellulite

Диетолог рассказал, что есть, чтобы избавиться от целлюлитаFrom cellulite to get rid of more than real.

Cellulite for many women is a huge problem. I want to be the owner of a beautiful, smooth and toned skin. How to get rid of the hated “orange peel” using the power, read our material.

Cellulite – a problem not one day. This leads to a range of factors, especially on the skin is affected by nutrition. If it is wrong, based on the consumption of TRANS fats, convenience foods and other harmful products, then sooner or later produces cellulite.

That is why in order to get rid of cellulite, you need to adjust your diet. Before you begin a diet, you must do the detox, is the cleansing of the body. This makes it possible to normalize the metabolism, to organize the work of the lymphatic system. Because otherwise malfunctions of the body and will lead to the formation of “orange peel”.

Most effective to undertake a special detox diet. This will allow to get rid of toxins, improve the immune system, tone your body. All this leads to a renewal and rejuvenation of the body, improve skin condition, weight loss. In order to hold it correctly, it is necessary to refuse junk food, soda, and alcohol. A week before the detox diet is better to exclude from the diet of cheese, pickles, canned food, coffee, sweets, dairy products. But the amount of plant food in the diet should be increased. The diet should last from three to ten days. And after cleaning, no need to pounce on harmful banned products. To leave such power should be carefully and gradually. Also contribute to the purification of buckwheat, rice, vegetable, juice diet.

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And after that cleansing, you can use the nutrition against cellulite. First and foremost, it excluded certain foods that contribute to its appearance.

Foods that lead to obesity and cellulite, known to almost everyone. So, it is fast food, snacks, fast harmful snacks, smoked food, fatty meat, fried meat, fish or poultry. No less harmful black tea, instant coffee, soda, alcohol (especially beer, champagne, that is, beverages with gases). To the formation of cellulite bring canned foods, processed foods, foods with flavor enhancers, sweets and bakery products, products with a large amount of salt.

But some other products can lead to a reduction of “orange peel”. Enumerated the main ones:

Remember that to get rid of cellulite can be difficult. One food business should not be restricted. Combined with a good and proper diet a person needs to train (even home workouts will be helpful), to do a massage, use a moisturizing cream or lotion that will give your skin a new chance at life.

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