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The novel “Master and Margarita” is recognized carrying a threat to Ukraine

Роман "Мастер и Маргарита" признали несущим угрозу Украине

Among the 17 books that once again the State Committee for television and radio broadcasting of Ukraine is not allowed to bring into the country, was the famous novel of Mikhail Bulgakov “Master and Margarita”.

Black lists a book sent by the expert Council on issues of analysis and evaluation of publications concerning the attribution of it to such, which is not allowed for distribution on the territory of Ukraine.

What are the signs of propaganda of the aggressor state discovered in the book, said the press service of the state Committee.

“In the Preface to the book by Mikhail Bulgakov “the Master and Margarita” publishing house “Azbuka-Atticus” promotes the representatives of the Russian movie Yuri Kara, Nicholas burljaeva, Valentine Gaft, for which public support for military intervention in Ukraine included in the List of people who pose a threat to national security. This edition will not be distributed in Ukraine”, — stated in the message.

Along with “Master and Margarita” is recognized as the threat of a series of books in psychology D. Raygorodskogo (they, the experts found the illustrations and text with elements of “propaganda of the Communist totalitarian regime”, a mention of Lenin, the Octobrists and pioneers), as well as works by Oliver stone and Peter Kuznik “the Untold history of the United States”.

Earlier a book about Akhmatova and 22 editions were not allowed to import to Ukraine.

In other news: Ukrainian border guards detained “Chunga-Chang”

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