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The new Windows 10 is twice faster

Новая Windows 10 работает в два раза быстрееNew OS with the console Lite works two times faster than the current one.

The release of the final stable build of Windows 10 happened in the summer of 2015, and since then much time has passed. During this time Microsoft released for the tenth “Windows” five major updates that made the software more functional, but the basic problem in this OS are still present. That is why the developers created a new version of this system, which works two times faster on old computers and tablets.

The current Windows 10 consumes a lot of system resources, because its developers have built a huge variety of features, adding all this in about one thousand different settings, to understand which from time to time can not even professional. However, the vast majority of users it is absolutely not necessary, and Microsoft is finally realized, so she decided to create a new Assembly tenth “Windows”, which will be available for download this summer.

In the framework of the company Microsoft has finally turned now separate interfaces for tablets and PCs into a single, however, it removed most of totally useless features of Windows 10, with the result that this operating system is now not inferior to the simplicity of Linux and macOS, where the total number of settings does not exceed one hundred. In addition, the developers have removed from the tenth “Windows” support “live tiles”, which ever since Windows 8 was hated by many users.

Through eliminating unnecessary features and simplify the UI on older models of computers and tablets with the new Windows 10 console Lite works two times faster than the current one. To achieve this effect also failed due to optimization. Microsoft was forced to release this build of the operating system in order to thus make her go to all those who now use electronic devices on Windows 7 and does not want to switch to new software because of those features that it contains.

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