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The launch of Chang’e 4 is scheduled for December

Запуск Chang’e 4 назначен на декабрь

The landing platform of the Chinese scientific mission “Chang’e-4” will be launched in December 2018. This was announced on August 15 at the Beijing conference by the State administration of science, technology, industry, and national defense.

To start will be used rocket CZ-3B, which will be launched from the Xichang launch site in the South-West of the country. “Chang’e-4” should be the first in history to land on the side of the moon. The landing area is inside the pool South pole – Aitken, which by its nature is an impact crater. The exact landing site is determined, but not publicly presented.

On the landing platform is a small lunar Rover, whose name will be selected in the fall using online voting.

Originally, this spacecraft was a backup mission “Chang’e-3″, launched in December 2013, but after its success, the mission plan changed. In order to carry out the landing on the side of the moon, it was necessary to create a satellite repeater. Satellite”, Zhuazao” was launched on 20 may this year. The repeater is located near the second Lagrange point of approximately 65 thousand kilometers behind the Moon near the line Earth-Moon. From there he will be able to transmit a signal on the Ground or the return side of the moon. For communication with ground stations will be used in the S-band antenna, and communication with the landing station will be maintained in the X-band.

Due to the difficult terrain in the landing area, the design of the lander and Rover is required to make changes. The landing platform is equipped with boarding camera LCAM, camera for shooting landscape TCAM and German neutron detector LND (Lander Neutrons and Dosimetry). On the Rover, and the mission 2013, will be a panoramic camera and a small radar. They added two Swedish instrument: VNIS spectrometer operating in the visible and infrared range, and a small analyzer of neutral particles ASAN (Advanced Small Analyzer for Neutrals).

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“Chang’e-4” will also be held a small biosphere experiment organized by Chinese universities. It will involve the seeds of Cruciferae, potatoes and eggs silkworm.

Запуск Chang’e 4 назначен на декабрь

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