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The inhabitants of the Crimea under the threat of criminal prosecution: they didn’t report about the second citizenship

Жители Крыма под угрозой уголовного преследования: они не отчитались о втором гражданстве

“Crimeans largely maintain both Ukrainian and Russian passports”

The majority of inhabitants of Crimea under the threat of criminal prosecution: they didn’t report about the second citizenship

The inhabitants of the Crimea was in the “grey zone” of the Russian legislation in respect of notification of the FMS of the second citizenship. The fact that after the annexation of Crimea to Russia in March 2014, the residents of the Peninsula preserved the Ukrainian citizenship, after which they received a Russian passport. In this case, from 4 August 2014 Russian citizens are required to notify Federal migration service about the presence of the second citizenship, residence permit or other document giving the right to permanently reside abroad. For those who received Russian citizenship after the annexation of Crimea to Russia, the rules take effect from 2016.

By law the deadline for notification on double citizenship is 60 days. For underage Russians served notice of their representatives. The law does not cover people living permanently abroad and those who have dual citizenship in accordance with the signed international treaties Russia is Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. For late notification of the Federal migration service fines 500-100 rubles, and for refusing to provide information about the second citizenship should be criminal liability.

Hundreds of thousands of violators

After the adoption of the law of the Federal migration service reported that just over 50 thousand Russians from across the country had notified the Agency about a second citizenship. In Crimea is home to about 2 million people. The exact number of renounced Ukrainian citizenship after receiving a Russian unknown, but, according Znak.com mass failures were not, the majority of the inhabitants of the region have kept both passports. To obtain a Russian passport, according to official figures, declined 3 thousand people.

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Thus, the majority of inhabitants of Crimea have dual citizenship and were not informed of this power. Of the Federal migration service of the Crimea believes that the residents of the Crimea to inform about the second citizenship is not necessary, as it is not acquired and are available at the time of inclusion of Crimea in structure of Russia. But this interpretation is contrary to the rule of law.

Interviewed by the author of the text of the opposition say that no notification to the FMS they are not filed, and passport get both Ukrainian (for visa-free travel to the Schengen area), and Russian.

According to the respondents of the Crimean people, they either don’t know about Russian law, or do not consider it necessary to abide by it, as in Crimea, these processes are controlled is poorly.

Anna S. says no campaign to bring to the Crimean information about the need to notify the Federal migration service about the presence of Ukrainian passport was not conducted; many, especially the older generation, do not know that you need to submit any notification.

According to Lyudmila D., the majority of Crimeans will not abandon Ukrainian passports, so for them it is — the only way to obtain a visa to the EU, especially between EU-Ukraine visa-free regime.

“Trouble” for the Crimean

Deputies of the state Duma of the Russian Federation recognize that the problem exists and that it needs a separate regulation.

MP from the Communist party writer Sergei Shargunov considers that the situation should be solved, otherwise it may lead to the Crimean “trouble”.

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“Already prepare all the necessary requests and legislative proposals. The situation may come back to haunt problems for people who are in a vulnerable position,” — said Shargunov.

The Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia” Yevgeny Primakov said that unlike Ukraine, in Russia there is a ban for citizens on the passport of another country.

“However, according to our law, if a citizen with a Russian passport is in the territory of the Russian Federation, it is our government the citizen of Russia. In the situation with the Crimean it is necessary to separately understand, although formally there is a law and there are regulations,” — said Primakov.

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