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The expert called the best models of cars for men

Эксперт назвал лучшие модели авто для мужчин These machines are suitable real macho.

The model involved in the top not only look manly, but really unable to travel where no roads even.

The first position was occupied by Mercedes-AMG G-Class new generation. Despite all the updates, the model also maintains a brutal and rough square shape. Not least, the car combines sarkodie capability and rich luxury.

The Hummer H2 takes the second place in our top, because it is the dream of most boys of the last decade. The portfolio of car a rich collection of achievements in military service, and though the SUV was produced from 2002 to 2009, he’s still in demand. Under the hood is hidden a powerful V8 6.2 liter отдачей398 horsepower.

The third line is left for one of the most famous Hollywood SUV – the Cadillac Escalade. The car often “plays” the role of a certain government vehicle or a model for celebrities. The SUV is now offered in the new version, preserving its image and technology.

Jeep Wrangler, located at the fourth position of the ranking, is considered an excellent SUV. The model is almost never bought as a main vehicle in the family. The new generation has an updated platform, new, modern electronic technologies, such as multimedia system with a display.

Fifth place went to the Toyota Land Cruiser. The car has a lot of modifications, configurations and additional options, so you can choose the version to your taste and economic situation. Another important advantage is its reliability.

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