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The BPP was accused Hrytsenko in black PR

В БПП обвинили Гриценко в черном пиареThe BPP commented on the attack Gritsenko.

In the party “Block of Petro Poroshenko” – said that demand from law enforcement a prompt investigation of hooliganism in respect of the presidential candidate Anatoliy Hrytsenko, and he was charged in black PR.

About it it is spoken in the party statement published in Facebook.

It is noted that the attack on the support of Anatoly Gritsenko in Odessa is a “natural disturbance” and therefore BPP “Solidarity” demands from law enforcement a prompt investigation of acts of hooliganism and prosecute all those responsible.

The PPB note that the application of the Gritsenko, who “in a matter of hours set and the performers and organizers, as well as customer surprise and disappointment in politics, who declared himself particularly honest.”

They added that he is not abandoning the banal techniques of black PR.

“Colonel, who during the war of Russia against Ukraine and not found the road to the draft Board and waited at his dacha all six waves of mobilization, now has resorted to outrageous and absurd statements, to take maximum political cream is definitely daring and totally unacceptable incident in Odessa. Somehow it is not in the officer”, – declared in party.

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