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The attack on the synagogue in California: a woman was killed, three wounded

Нападение на синагогу в Калифорнии: убита женщина, трое раненых

On Saturday, April 27, at 11:23 local time during the celebration of the last day of Passover in the synagogue of the CHABAD movement in the town of POWAY, suburb San Diego (California, USA) a young man opened fire on people, killing a woman and injuring three people. The victims were taken to Palomar medical center, they are in a stable condition.

At the time of the attack in the synagogue were about 100 people, including children.

The alleged killer was detained by the police.

Named a suspect in the murder of 19-year-old local resident, John Ernest. He was armed with an assault rifle AR-15. According to witnesses, the killer fired at least 10 shots.

The attack on the synagogue in the suburbs of San Diego (CA, USA) was murdered Lori Gilbert Kay (60). Injured 57-year-old Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, 8-year-old Noah Dahan and her 31-year-old uncle Almog Pepper. The girl and her uncle – the Israelis who lived in Sderot.

Witnesses say Yisroel Goldstein tried to speak with the young man who came with guns to the synagogue, but he opened fire with a cry of hatred of Jews. Laurie has covered a Rabbi who was shot, John Ernest, three bullets hit her in the chest and stomach. Other people who were in the synagogue, tried to stop the shooter and stop him. In the synagogue was an armed guard who opened fire. The assailant, whose weapons failed, ran out of the synagogue, sat in the car and left. Later in the car Ernest found traces of two bullets fired by the security guard of a synagogue.

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The Rabbi was wounded in the hands and, apparently, will lose two fingers. The second man was wounded in the leg.

Almog Pepper was able to run out during the shooting of the synagogue and bring a group of children, including a niece who were lightly wounded. The assailant shot him when he ran away with children, and wounded him in the leg.

Media reported that the suspect tried to flee the scene by car, but the police managed to detain him during the chase. However, the chief of police of San Diego David Nisleit said: do the suspect fled the scene, leaving the track No. 15, but then he called the police, reported the shooting and where, and then surrendered to the arrived law enforcement officers.

In the car of the detainee was found a rifle, which, apparently, was the instrument of the crime. The investigation is being conducted.

The police say that never before John’s Ernest came into the view of law enforcement.

John Ernest published in social networks, an open letter to anti-Semitic content in which it was said that he was inspired by the massacre of Muslims in new Zealand Christchurch. 28-year-old Aussie Brenton Tarrant, killed 50 Muslims in the mosques of the new Zealand city of Christchurch, apparently, was a man followed a 19-year-old John Ernest.

To attack Ernest chose a semi-automatic assault rifle AR-15. The same rifle used Tarrant. In addition, social networks Ernest spoke in support of the killers of Muslims in New Zealand. A few hours before the attack on the synagogue by Ernest published on the ads website 8chan anti-Semitic “Manifesto” in which he praised their idol-killer. However, he gave a link to your page in Facebook, promising “to begin soon the live broadcast”. In this Ernest is also imitated Tarrant.

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In addition, Ernest has stated that he hates Jews and Muslims. In his publication he claimed responsibility for the arson in the mosque in the Californian city of ESCONDIDO in March of this year.

The desire to copy the actions of the Tarrant summed up the California killer: he had no experience shooting the AR-15 rifle. During the attack on the synagogue has failed, and Ernest ran away from the scene.

The California police has not yet reported, for whatever reason, failed at the rifle, which was used by Ernest. But law enforcement confirmed that the shooter did not have much experience of the use of weapons of this type.

Israel Dahan, the father of Noi Dahan wounded during the attack on the synagogue in the town of POWAY, in the air of the Israeli radio station “Kahn Beth” said that we are talking about the terrorist act with the aim of mass murder of Jews. According to Yisrael Dahan, the attack could have been killed up to 60 people. He said that the family moved to the United States from Sderot, because I am tired of the constant attacks from the Gaza strip.

California authorities and the US Federal government has not classified the attack on the people in the synagogue in Pewee as a terrorist attack. Recall that the New Zealand authorities admitted the massacre of Muslims by the terrorist attack.

Photo: D. Mcnew

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