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The Americans bypassed the Kremlin in victory over ISIS

Американцы обошли Кремль в победе над ИГИЛ

Delve into the history of the terrorist organization Islamic state has no special meaning, otherwise you’ll have to go back to the origins of the American campaign in Iraq and the emergence of liberation movements in the aforementioned Arab country. And who heard in the middle of the two thousandth something about Islamic state? Except the residents of certain areas of Iraq and representatives of the intelligence services of individual countries. Truly, this organization announced itself only in the early 2010s.

First, the terrorists have retaken parts of Iraq and announced the establishment of a Caliphate on the occupied territory. But no special attention is not paid — on the background of the crisis in Iraq ISIS at that time there seemed to be something threatening. One group more, one group less… But suddenly the problem became international.

Terrorists for a few months he cut off almost half of Iraq and at the same time every day managed to increase their presence in Syria. After half of the SAR was under the authority of the Caliph-the pretender Abu Bakr Baghdadi, everything is considered a threat to the IG. Maybe it wouldn’t have made the civilized world to move, but as soon as the towns and villages of the middle East gave up under the onslaught of terrorists in Europe, Africa and Asia committed more and more acts of terrorism. The first could not stand the Americans.

Of course, they had a lot of other reasons, including selfish, however, it was a necessary step. The Yankees, of course, the opponents of Russia, however, in Syria, our military was sent largely thanks to them. Geopolitics, however. The first year of its presence uncle Sam spent to not quite understand things. The war against ISIS was not conducted, instead the Americans were engaged in sorting potential allies and training, weapons seemed to them trustworthy militants. But towards the end of 2015, when it comes to the aid of Damascus came to the Russians, the United States decided to use the product and have focused on a people’s protection Units. And along with the Kurds throughout the year, the Americans liberated from ISIS across Northern Syria and partly Eastern.

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But then suddenly, in the province of Deir-ez-Zor, the campaign suddenly stopped. Formally, of course, the operation is not minimized, but the military activity was minimal. And ISIS has calmed down.

Nobody touched — Yankees themselves did not move, and has banned Russian cross to the East Bank of the Euphrates, but our guys tried. To no avail. And about two years the terrorists calmly lived and pumping oil in the Eastern Deir ez-Zor. They absolutely didn’t care that the US and Russia is actually on a couple of times reported his own victory to the IG. Actually, nobody won the Islamic state.

But, it seems, trump still has kept its word — the Islamic state is defeated. Yes he is no more, at least in Syria from him if that were so couple of unrelated gangs operating in remote desert areas. And the reason successfully completed the last phase of the operation of the United States “Unwavering commitment”.

Yes, the last enclave of the IG in Deir ez-Zor fell. Hagin, considered the last capital of pseudoalpina, was captured a couple weeks ago, and the last rural Americans with the Kurds was literally the day before yesterday. In some places clashes still there, but with the terrorists certainly soon be over.

Australian expert Richard Frank believes that the operation of the international coalition marked a decisive victory, however, should not hurry up and completely bury the ISIS.

— Yes, this structure is (Islamic state — ed.) can no longer claim that would in its title the word “state”. She has no territories. That time the international community turned to the problem of IG, played a key role in saving the Middle East (in English-speaking countries in the Middle East typically use this definition — a bus). This region suffers from serious problems, but now one of the most important, became less. Not to say that the role of the US key, but I must admit that due to the United States war against ISIS even began. And it just so happens that the symbolic, the United States made this fight. They started it, they made up. I do not belittle the role of other countries — Russia, Iraq, France, Australia. No, they deserve to have their achievements were recognized. Victory is good, but we should wait before we make sure that ISIL is no longer a threat.

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“SP”: — Even in defeat?

— Any such organization after the lesions do not disappear altogether. They go underground and continue its activities as a classic terrorist organization. For example, despite the fact that in raqqa and Aleppo, the terrorists were defeated long ago, ISIS still continues to commit terrorist attacks which claim the lives of civilians. And here already there are questions as to what structures in Syria, we need to create to themselves in the future to fight terrorism and to successfully prevent the attacks. Unfortunately, while the interface between the Syrian forces has not been resolved, and this will complicate the process of establishing the services needed. Therefore, it is very important to approach the political dialogue and create conditions for the reconstruction of Syria as a state. It’s going to be good for addressing the problem of terrorism including.

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