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Technology, which is is better not to buy a used car

Технологии, с которыми лучше не покупать подержанный автомобиль

In the automotive world is very technological things. Which, unfortunately, is only good up until new. When it comes to a used car lot, it is better to forget about the car with these technologies, otherwise the repair can be very expensive.

Small turbo engines and engines with a large number of turbines

The turbo engine is good, yet new. They have great torque, decent gas mileage compared to atmospheric, small emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.

But there are also disadvantages. Due to the fact that these motors are smaller in size than atmospheric with the same capacity, they have less crank mechanism, the timing mechanism is loaded harder and wear out faster than similar items on the atmospheric engines. Of course, turbo engines are made of more durable metals, but, as a rule, the safety margin is enough for up to 250 000 km, even with careful operation.

In addition, these engines are very picky about fuel quality, are critical to the overheating and oil starvation. The repair is very expensive. So expensive that not all masters are ready for it, and it’s often easier to purchase a new or contract motor than to repair the old one.

I do not recommend buying the machine with the engine when the odometer about 150,000 miles, especially when there is even the slightest doubt in the originality of the mileage.

Robotic transmission with two clutches

The word DSG at the hearing, probably, all who are even the slightest interested in cars. It’s a robotic gearbox with two clutches, which is installed on almost all models of Volkswagen and Skoda.

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These boxes began to put on the car 15 years ago and in 2010 was seriously upgraded. So much so that at one time VW had a lifetime warranty on the box. However, warranty guarantees, and repair of these boxes will cost a pretty penny. For example, on the dry clutch DSG-7 will cost about 50-60 thousand rubles, repair wet DSG-6 is at least 100 000 rubles.

It is noteworthy that in Russia the problems with these boxes (and they are, by the way, is not only Skoda and VW, but also Audi, Porsche, BMW, Ford, Kia, Hyundai) was more than in Europe. It is connected first of all with tubes and roll bars in the winter.

When buying a car with such a gearbox should always be very carefully diagnose the box. Better to spend 5 Grand on inspections when buying than 50 thousand on repairs after the purchase.

Variable speed

Problems on machines with a variable speed less than that of machines with robots, but only if the previous owner followed the box. Otherwise, the box will come to an end when the mileage is slightly over 150 000 km, Even one of the most reliable and common CVT Jatco JF011E requires preventive maintenance and replacement push the belt every 150 000 km And for CVTs critical oil change. The more the better, but not less than 60 000 km, even if the manufacturer says that the box is maintenance-free and oil there whole life.

If the previous owner no orders confirming the replacement of oil and filters, it is better to abandon the purchase of such a machine or to check it carefully. Otherwise, the repair will cost at least 25 000 rubles at the initial stage of dying and in 50-80 thousand, when the case started.

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Aluminum body

Now manufacturers often use aluminum in cars. Aluminium is lightweight, and most importantly. Weight affects literally everything: the fuel consumption, on the resource the suspension, the dynamics on controllability. Besides, aluminium is less susceptible to corrosion. However, we must remember that aluminum is a soft metal, and repairing it very difficult.

You need special welding, special tools. Extrude aluminum parts you need from the center to the edges, moreover, it tears easily, so a) aluminum is very hard to repair, b) the aluminum is very (very!) expensive to repair,) not every a HUNDRED and the wizard will take up the aluminium.

The same goes for aluminum suspensions and motors. Motors with aluminum block essentially disposable, repairing them is very difficult and very expensive. Suspension of aluminum simply road. In addition, when the hard knocks, they don’t break; they bend and transmit the shock further, which is also not good. In General, when buying a used car it must be treated gently to aluminum, and to think ten times before buying such a machine.

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