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Suprun speaks against the celebration of March 8

Супрун выступает против празднования 8 мартаMarch 8 – state output in the countries where predominantly the rights of women are violated most often, says Suprun.

The celebration of March 8 gifts and greetings is not helping women fight for their rights. This was stated by the acting Minister of health Suprun, explaining why not accept greetings on international women’s day.

“Why not accept congratulations on 8 March. Mankind has really made great progress in the struggle for equal rights in civilized countries, women vote, study and work in the same way as men. But the struggle for women’s rights is still a vast field of work. And gift bouquets and chocolates or emphasized the identification of specific attention and care March 8 this does not help. Because it just throws back all the successes that had to be achieved during the years of struggle for gender equality. First of all … everyone is a person. Character and abilities which depend on effort on them, priorities, values, and goals it sets itself. And not from the floor, ” wrote Suprun on Facebook.

She reminded that there are still problems with equal pay for men and women. Women also face challenges in advancing on the career ladder. In the information space is still a lot of sexism against women, e.g. in advertising. The media pay more attention to the appearance of women who are public figures than their work.

“Until now, the role of women a lot of people see primarily as domestic duties and child care. At the same time, women are victims of domestic violence, about which even afraid to speak. The reaction of a significant number of Ukrainians on the seemingly obvious “no means no” – another proof of that”, – says Suprun.

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She noted that March 8 – a public holiday in those countries where it is predominantly the rights of women are violated most often and where I actively tried (or still trying) to build communism.

The head of the Ministry of health attached to the post card with a puzzled questions men.

As noted in the UN international women’s day is a time to reflect on the progress made, to call for change and to celebrate properly courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an outstanding role in the history of their countries and communities.

Супрун выступает против празднования 8 марта

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