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“Still have the strength and stubbornness!”. Leonid Yarmolnik – 65 years

«Еще есть силы и упрямство!». Леониду Ярмольнику – 65 лет

He underwent a spectacular creative journey from the role of “MIME in the back of the stage”, “vulture” and “the chicken of tobacco” from the show “Around laughter and host of the entertainment show “L-club” and “Fort Boyard” before starring in the movie “Hard to be God”.

About the film Herman “Hard to be God”, on which work lasted for almost 15 years, he joked in an interview with “AIF”: “I Hope that the finale will not take the set in a wheelchair”. And again: “If I was only doing this job, I would have died or drunk, and if I was the producer of Herman, then shot.” And other conversations remembered anecdote, which was invented by Alexander Abdulov: “One filmmaker said at the meeting the other: “Hear, Yarmolnik on the set Herman is dead!”. The second says: “Burying the same, hell, tortured to death!”. And the first him: “nah, maybe from old age, he died…”. However, Yarmolnik has admitted that shooting in “Hard to be God” changed him as an actor and as a person, was the most difficult of his works to the movies, school, profession and life, a gift of fate.

The reason for which the famous Director has approved for the lead role in his film it explained the “AIF: “Herman has his own contraption, a little secret — he’s using comic actors in tragic roles: make the face on his deathbed. Examples Rolan Bykov, Yuri Nikulin, Andrei Mironov.Stronger touches: waiting for one and see another. I was in the same cage.

So just brighter so it shows the point. I’ll try to explain. The man pulls a face, not anyone but yourself. That is, you cringe inside in the wrong situation. Acting jargon – “reset”. It’s like a fart in the attack or the anthem. Rude, but accurate example: at the moment of climax and you can poop in his pants. But at the same time you made a feat. This in bed with a woman can happen. And intelligent woman will understand!.. But if you make a stern face, like an old movie, and still wind in the face — too much… That’s my hero chastises the army captain, an informer, a traitor. An incredibly tense scene. And I kind of mentally beat him, but there is a failure — I want to drink, and the hand with the bucket shaking. Spit in the bucket and do not get. And my opponent that I run sees it…”.

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And then illustrated with an example from life: “I Once had a similar case with Leonid Filatov. He already was seriously ill. I visited his house on Taganka. His wife Nina said running off to the store. We Lenya was sitting in the kitchen. He seemed cheerful, but as soon as I shut the door, gave a tirade. It was a confession about three minutes: go nuts, he can no longer endure the terrible pain lasting for years, he doesn’t want to live. I sat speechless and feverishly trying to find the right response. What Lena hard, I knew before, but that he is so desperate — was not ready. And in that moment the animal instinct told me what to do. I “broke” — without pathos. Podkalivat, remembering something, almost laughing, began to speak: “are You crazy?! A how girls, vodka, friends? How — to write, to do? And Nina? If there is one chance in a million — it should be used. “There,” you always have time!”. He heeded. And from that moment we went on the offensive and won. He lived another 8 years.”


«Еще есть силы и упрямство!». Леониду Ярмольнику – 65 лет

Leonid Yarmolnik. 1981 Photo: RIA Novosti/ Shakhverdiev

On the question of whether he upholds justice as well as his character — a man trying on a distant planet to get the local population from the savagery of the middle Ages, posted in other stories:

“Once I got into a fight with two policemen. More precisely, consciously resisted them… Drove the car home and in the darkness saw a “Lada” on the sidelines. Two cars. And stood a lad of 14, he was shaking the people in the form. I gave the brakes. It turned out, two fairly drunk COP stopped the kid who decided to ride on grandpa’s car. On the way without asking anyone and never robbed. Yes, he did wrong. But men it is too compressed. They were in a rush to mock the frightened teenager. With the same success they could beat me. But still “identified”. When I was separated and even one moved, they had enough intelligence not to do the same. I got back in the car in the torn jacket. And the cops said, “If we do this, then at least do not disgrace the uniform!”.

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And about “Hipsters”, in which he acted as producer and played the father of one of the characters, said: “the Comedy can also be serious. For example, the musical “Stilyagi” is, of course, such a big piece of candy in a shiny package, but inside it has a lot of bitter pills. And, of course, every movie should elevate and give a light at the end of the tunnel. You take a ticket and two hours are like in a different dimension of life. Often better than real life”.

In 2012, after nearly a 30 year break he took the stage in the theater of Sovremennik “And again happy…” on the play “a Few flights of stairs”, which the actor Rodion Ovchinnikov wrote specifically for him. Before that it Yarmolnik saw on stage of Taganka Theatre in 1983.

“I was invited. And I already had a bad experience trying to return, — told the artist about his long-term “theatrical pause” in an interview published on the official website of Leonid Yarmolnik. Once at the Moscow art theatre rehearsing “the Wedding Krechinsky”… and the decorations were done, the costumes are sewn. I knelt in front of Tabakov, Director and actors and asked them to release me into the wild. In my opinion, the show didn’t work out. Said that we are to blame — they say that Mat has reached the point that the stage has “chicken tobacco” plays: “What are you doing here Yarmolnik? On the stage, where he played Katchalov, Tarkhanov… And suddenly Estrada”.

Long gone and he’s on TV. In December 2017 on tour in Ekaterinburg Yarmolnik explained this in an interview with local edition of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”: “I’m now reduced to appearing on TV, including the talk shows. Just can’t participate in them. Changed language, changed morals, now it does not fit my beliefs. The limit of what is possible and what is not has fallen through the floor. Now tell who lives with whom, who stole what from whom… For me it is not interesting, so I go on television just in case, if you know that will bring real benefits. In General, television has become a latrine, which come to snout to Shine. I don’t want to.”

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Last year he starred new film Valery Todorovsky – a dramatic story about a cholera epidemic in Odessa in the 1970s. the plot of the film called “Odessa,” a visiting journalist brings his son to the port city — home wives and want to go for your next business trip abroad. However, this is not so easy because the city is closed on quarantine because of the epidemic cholera… In the previews for the movie Todorovski explained that it tells the story of his childhood, and two — thirds of the characters-his real relatives. Among the declared themes — emigration, the Jews and death.


Yarmolnik played in more than 50 films, including “the very Munchausen” and “the Man from Boulevard des Capucines”. In the 90 financially supported by the famous Soviet actors, is on the verge of poverty. As follows from information in the public domain — was monthly sent to their address for $ 200.

«Еще есть силы и упрямство!». Леониду Ярмольнику – 65 лет

Actor Leonid Yarmolnik with his daughter Alexandra. 2018 Photo: RIA Novosti/ Ilya Pitalev

In 1997, together with Yuri Senkevich, Thor Heyerdahl, Stas Nominum, Leonid Yakubovich and Andrey Makarevich , he made a trip around the world via Easter island. And told me that my wife Oksana has traveled halfway around the world in search of the best places for diving. In 1994, refused the title of “Honored artist of Russia”, and 10 years later on the title “people’s artist of Russia, saying: “the artist should be only the name.” In 2015 received the award “Nika” for best actor in “Hard to be God”.

To the question “is There anything in your life that is gone forever and what are you very sorry?” he replied “AIF”: “gone Forever only my team — mates Leonid Filatov, Sasha Abdulov, Boris Khmelnitsky. Death never arrives on time. And everything else in place — I still have strength, desire, stubbornness. The main thing — to do what you love, what you want to live. Do not want just to smoke the sky!”.

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