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Soviet actors who were repressed

Советские актеры, которые были репрессированы

In the period of mass political repressions in the USSR was ruined many human lives. Particularly bitter to realize that in the camps and prisons were the stars of the Soviet cinema.

Evgeny Garkusha

Советские актеры, которые были репрессированы

The performer of the main roles in two films Isidor Annensky “Fifth ocean” and “Elusive Jan” Evgeny Garkusha during one of the Kremlin receptions publicly hit Lavrenty Beria. The politician has received in the face for indecent proposal.

Советские актеры, которые были репрессированы

Eugene was arrested a few months after the incident. The actress was taken from her eight month old daughter under the pretext of a call to the theater. Garkusha was subjected to numerous tortures, after which he took the blame under article “espionage”. In the camp of Magadan oblast Evgenia committed suicide by taking a lethal dose of sleeping pills.

George Zhzhenov

Советские актеры, которые были репрессированы

People’s artist of the USSR Georgi Zhzhenov several times has been arrested. During the filming of the movie “Komsomolsk” actor happened to be the traveling companion of an American diplomat, for acquaintance with which he was charged with espionage. He was later convicted and exiled to Norilsk. Despite the difficult circumstances of life, George continued to perform in the theater.

EDA Urusova

Советские актеры, которые были репрессированы

Beautiful EDA Urusova, known for the film “the Casket of Maria Medici”, also several times was arrested. For the first time this happened because of the refusal to sign a denunciation of actor Alexander Song. The second arrest happened right during her speech in the theater. The actress was exiled to Norilsk, where Zhzhenov George staged performances. In the camps, ed lost all his loved ones: parents, sister, husband. However, this did not break Urusovo: she remained faithful to her profession.

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Mariya Kapnist

Советские актеры, которые были репрессированы

From prison and from Sumy do not promise, says the famous proverb. Because of the false accusations of the suffered not only ordinary people but also stars of the screen. So, the actress Maria Kapnist, accused of anti-Soviet agitation, spent 14 years in the camps. After her release, she was forced to make as they could: the actress has long worked as a janitor, then a masseuse. Overcoming life’s challenges, Kapnist again appeared in the frame in the images of his extravagant characters — Duchess, Gypsy, witches and witches.

Zoya Fedorova

Советские актеры, которые были репрессированы

Zoya Fedorova was sentenced to 25 years in a labor camp for hostile propaganda. However, nine years later, the authorities changed the temper justice with mercy and completely withdrew the charges. Zoe went on to star in the highest grossing Soviet films, including “Moscow does not believe in tears” and “Wedding in Malinovka”. A few years after that, Fyodorov was shot in her own apartment. According to one version, the death involved the KGB.

Peter Velyaminov

Советские актеры, которые были репрессированы

Honored artist of the RSFSR Peter Sonya, known from the film “Shadows disappear at noon”, was arrested at the age of sixteen. He was held in prison for 10 years, having got for a lattice from-for what ostensibly was a member of the anti-Soviet organization “Revival of Russia”. It is noteworthy that in prison the actor was convicted along with his father — a former tsarist officer. In camp Peter Velyaminov learned about the arrest of his mother, and then tried to commit suicide. Many years later, the actor was rehabilitated, and the charges declared invalid.

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Valentine Tokarski

Советские актеры, которые были репрессированы

Charming Valentine tokarski, star of the Moscow music hall, in 1941, were captured by the Germans. She had to go with performances on German cities, where her audience was sometimes Russian prisoners of war. In Russia, the actress returned only in 1945, but at home she was arrested for aiding the enemy. Tokarski was released only after 8 years spent in the camps of Vologda and the Komi Republic…

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