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Sobchak was first told about the reasons of divorce with Vitorgan

Собчак впервые рассказала о причинах развода с Виторганом

Ksenia Sobchak has shared information why she and Maxim Vitorgan decided to leave. In her confession, all were involved with the basic things – the lack of constant care and attention. The flower husband doesn’t buy it something else will not do. But overall, both are guilty: “If two adults are unable to maintain relationships, it is their common fault.”

Divorce Sobchak told in the program “the Secret to a million.” Love is a flower that should be watered, I’m sure pop diva. She Vitorgan with this task failed.

All these little things begin to pile up and “eat” all important, said Sobchak. However, she declined to comment on his relationship with Bogomolov. She said that is correct and not susceptible, therefore, to fall in love with another man she’s hard.

Sobchak and Vitorgan has for some time not living together. But their son Plato is found and item, and with his children from a previous marriage. Sobchak noted that Vitorgan grateful for the fact that he agreed to give his son a double name – Sobchak-Vitorgan. The socialite admitted that at school this child will be difficult to have difficulties to fill in the covers of notebooks, but this decision is fair.

Sobchak also admitted that he would like to have another child.

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