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Scientists have found an unusual cause hair growth

Ученые нашли необычную причину роста волосHair growth accelerates-familiar “goose bumps”.

American scientists from Harvard University found the nerves and muscles involved in the appearance of goose skin, stimulate stem skin cells to create hair follicles and hair growth.

On this discovery, the researchers told a meeting of the American society for cell biology and the European organisation for Microbiology.

“Goose bumps”, that is, small bubbles at the base of the hairline on the skin of mammals, appears unwittingly, when, for example, the animal is cold or it is experiencing strong emotional arousal.

Responsible for this small special muscles connected to each hair follicles. They controlled by nerves that are part of the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for unconscious actions (change in pupil size when changing lighting, pulse).

Scientists have found that these nerves are located in close proximity to stem cells that can turn into new hair follicles. Usually the nerves are enveloped in a protective myelin sheath, but in the case of hair follicles nerves located in stem cells in the Nude, like a wire without insulation. Moreover, it was found that the nerves secrete norepinephrine hormone, which is needed for hair growth.

The researchers concluded that “goose bumps” stimulates hair growth and speeds it up.

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