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Scientists discovered the unique properties of the genome white shark

Ученые открыли уникальные свойства генома белой акулы In the future, the discovery may bring many benefits to people.

Great white sharks can save lives thanks to their unusual genome, the researchers found.

An international team published the first complete genome of the great white shark: a transcript of her genetic code, including genes that perform some specific function, and DNA from a yet unexplored role.

This kind of “manual” of how to create one of the most effective predators in nature, suggests that evolution has a “well-tuned” genes to restore harmful mutations.

The genes of the great white shark allow it to heal rapidly after the attacks that would be fatal to humans.

Information on the DNA of the sharks can be potentially useful to fight cancer and age-related diseases, and to improve methods of treatment of wound healing in humans.

The initial findings about the genome of the great white shark, which is 50% more than the genetic code, was published in the journal “Proceedings of the National Academy of Science” on Monday.

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