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Scandal around KAZKA: fresh details

Громкий скандал вокруг KAZKA: свежие подробностиThe group landed in a row for a concert with Russian stars.

Popular KAZKA Ukrainian group, who received three awards M1 Music Awards in the categories “Breakthrough of the year”, “hit of the year” and “producer of the year”, caught in a serious scandal with participation in a concert with Russian stars.

The team appeared in the announcement of the “Song of the year”, scheduled for March 2 at the German düsseldorf. In traditional Soviet format “Songs” attended by Russian artists Filipp Kirkorov, Nikolay Baskov, Dima Bilan and many others. Appear in the list and there is a constant guest of Russian concerts Taisiya Povaliy, the flamboyant Verka Serduchka. Surprise was the part in the Russian Solyanka Ukrainian group KAZKA. In the video announcing her as the “Breakthrough of the year”.

After information appeared in the press, from the list of participants in the network KAZKA disappeared, and the band made an official statement.

“Friends! Any information on future performances KAZKA, which is not confirmed by the representatives of the group or not contained on the official website is nothing but a fake. Be careful and consume quality content. Follow the schedule KAZKA only official sources”, – said the musicians.

However, in videoanonsa concert “song of the year” KAZKA is still there. In the lists left and Verka Serduchka with Taisiya Povaliy.

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