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Russia withdraws into himself, snapping

Россия уходит в себя, огрызаясь

The incident in the Kerch Strait confirms the volte-face in our Russian life. We are talking about much more than the annexation of the Azov sea and the next the punishment of the West.

The Kremlin removes Russia from the grey zone. The era of ambiguity when it is possible to simultaneously play in war and peace, to be an enemy and a partner of the West, is completed. Closes a period of our life.
Show completely…

We need to re-learn to live, cut off from the world by a moat. The Russian government is in effect saying: to hell with them, with sanctions; shall prepare for the worst. And if you break the blockade fails, no one will stand on ceremony!

That proved its mettle in the Ukraine. And now we expect that Russia (and not only the Kremlin, and all of us!) for it to be. And what else will be semi-annexation of the Northern sea route!

Having exhausted the possibilities of existence in the two “bands” (in cooperation with the West and stifling West), Russia is back to relying on our own strength. This is a different life and a different trajectory. Built up financial reserves. Formed the second “vertical” for hedging rotten: the popular front must control costs and to identify uncontrolled bureaucrats. Putin is creating his version of Lenin’s “WPI” — rabkrin. Putin’s “workers ‘” should monitor the implementation of Putin’s decrees: “not wasted”.

Jerks local chiefs are replaced by the personal protection of Putin. The search for the new tool of mobilization of the population around the government and return to him the habit of living in a besieged camp. Finally, the government, unable to borrow from Western technology, is looking for a way to own a “technological breakthrough”.

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You say: what the departure of the country to themselves, if Putin crisscrossing the world in search of new partners? One does not contradict. Preparation for life “ditch” does not mean the refusal of the leader of the search for evidence of its sovereign status. The result of his meetings and negotiations is not so important. More importantly, there’s a picture on the summit: our leader surrounded by the world.

Life “behind the moat”, which goes to Russia, rejects the usual: and open borders, and the circulation of the dollar, and several passports of the elite, and the possibility of foreign accounts and foreign learning for kids, neutered and freedom. And no you Samsung Galaxy with rappers to boot! And have no intermediate platforms, where decent people could cooperate with the government and continue to be decent — the type of the HRC under the President. In a word, “withdrawal” means the nullification of our lives since 1991

In this context, several questions arise.

— Is it possible to survive by relying on their transition to the dictatorship and the construction of the Gulag?

— Would the elite integrated into the West, life in a closed closet?

— Is it possible to dialogue with the West, which is looking for Putin if the Kremlin is not willing to retreat, even in small things?

We’re more like a Guinea pig for China, which looks at us and decides where the “red line” that he can’t go in confrontation with the West, forcing the West to cooperate in the adoption of Western technologies, in conflict with the neighbors about the annexation of Maritime space. Because that’s what fate is to become a rabbit for the other powers…

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