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Putinism and rappers

Путинизм и рэперы

Not so long ago in the Internet appeared the information about the cancellation of concerts and the detention of law-enforcement bodies of the Russian rappers. The author of this article, far from youth subcultures, suggested that rap singers begin to join the protest movement against useless power, and that Putin’s regime, not satisfied with the activities for the clearing of truth in YouTube and on other Internet sites, launched an attack on the freedom of speech in this area. I remembered how in the Soviet Union was subjected to persecution by the rock group, which was raised in his work the problems of Soviet society.

Since the Soviet Union problems in society, the country has become much more social injustice through the efforts of Putinism is growing by leaps and bounds, and the above suggestion seemed quite appropriate. Imagine the surprise when Dmitry Kiselyov, one of the most violent and deceitful propagandists of the Putin regime, in the broadcast channel “Russia 1” has stood up for Russian rappers. While Kiselev showed the clip of one of them about, as explained by presenter, bad America, and also noted that the rappers are not strangers to the patriotism.

I wanted to understand the situation more.

As it turned out, the first information about how the power from the upper floors relates to the rappers, told the society of editor in chief of TV channel Russia Today Margarita Simonyan. She said in his telegram canal that one rapper who was detained in Krasnodar for disorderly conduct and refusing to submit to a medical examination, was released after the intervention of “two or three people from the presidential Administration of the Russian Federation”. Notice that this message once again showed that Putin’s Russia, courts are not courts in the usual sense, and the judicial system as a whole has turned into an extension to the Putin administration.

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Further — more. After the transfer of Kiseleva authorities and propagandists as a burst. This is not a complete list of noted persons:

— General Director of channel 1 Konstantin Ernst, said that to participate in “new year party” on “the First channel” will invite rappers.

— According to the Deputy head of the presidential administration Sergei Kiriyenko, to work with young people, not to ban concerts of “modern performers”, if “someone doesn’t understand” because that approach “nonsense.”

Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky said that the situation with the cancellation of the concerts of rappers like a joke, and recommended “not to interfere in cultural processes, especially in the youth environment”.

— The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has invited Russian rappers perform live in the Republic, noting that the region has a good site.

— The children’s Ombudsman of the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova said that the need to cancel the rap concerts there.

Moreover, rappers for discussion in the roundtable format of the abolition of their concerts was invited to the state Duma, where, as you know, reigns Putin’s party — United Russia. The impression was that the more important topics in the country just yet, especially considering the words of the press Secretary of President Dmitry Peskov said that the Kremlin is closely watching the cancellation of concerts rappers. Attention! For the Kremlin, this topic is very important.

Knowledge of the situation, was forced to read the works protected by so many public personas of the performers. One of the main themes that are present there, are drugs. How do you like these lines from songs — “I Threw half the club, threw half in a taxi… Go f**shit, we f**shit”, or “One guy said he didn’t love cocaine, but he likes the way it smells”? How do you like the title of the song “Ecstasy, take me”?. Was found on the Internet stories of Teens whose lives are under the influence of this creativity turned into hell. I wonder, did the children’s Ombudsman Kuznetsova photos of corpses of teenagers who have died from overdose? In fairness, I note that the topic of drugs promote not all rap performers.

From this story we can draw two conclusions.

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First. Kiselyov and company that embodies Putin’s regime, protect and popularize the people who propagate the use of drugs. The answer to the question of why they do so, lies in the phrase Kiseleva, spoken to them in the above-mentioned transfer — “rappers huge audience, either online or in clubs”. Putinism, aware that the ratings of Putin, his government, his appointees, his party “United Russia” is collapsing, that the irritation of the people from their activities is nearing a critical threshold, trying to flirt with a broad youth audience, not disdaining anything. Putin’s regime does not care about the fate of the people in the country, his goal is to stay in power at any cost. Do not be surprised if the mouthpiece of Putinism Kiselev will speak on your show that sexual minorities is not so bad, hoping to attract their sympathy on the side of power.

The output of the second, optimistic — all is not rotten in Putin’s Russia, not all is rotten in Putin’s power vertical. Let me explain what I mean. The Deputy Minister of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Igor Zubov said that the Central apparatus of the interior Ministry did not give any guidance on the cancellation of concerts rappers or their prosecution.

The question arises, who are these people who have taken it upon myself to act on my own, to deal with the negative manifestations in society?

 The answer is those government officials and representatives of law enforcement agencies who are friends with the head who understand what is happening in Russia under the current regime, and to measure the forces trying to resist. These people — part of the Russian/the Russian people, which, in the opinion of the Chairman of the Party of a new type of S. S. sulakshina, will have to fight to liberate the country from Putinism, to build a state and society, other values on ideological grounds.

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