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Putin suggested to think of a reward for the Russians, who play sports

Путин предложил придумать вознаграждение для россиян, которые занимаются спортом

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed to consider the establishment of remuneration for the Russians involved in sports, RIA “Novosti”.

“Maybe you should think about the introduction of the staffing labour groups, and municipal organizations rates instructors of sports, and, of course, about the incentives involved in sports workers and, accordingly, their employers,” — said Putin at the presidential Council on development of physical culture and sports.

According to the head of the state, the main indicators of sports development are to improve the health and longevity of citizens. But also the formation of sporting habits is important for the decision of tasks of the national projects of Russia, strengthening of defensibility of the country and even for its foreign policy activities, reports TASS.


According to Putin, by 2024, to really achieve that at least 55% of Russians regularly go in for sports. “It’s a good indicator that we must achieve and will achieve, certainly, but not the highest, even among our neighbors,” — said the Russian President.

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