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Pressure on Zelensky will be the maximum

Давление на Зеленского будет максимальным

Apparently, in the next few days the main news will come from Kiev. Zelensky straight away took up the issues of the war in the Donbass. Caused by representatives of the previous administration responsible for the release of prisoners, including Ukrainian sailors taken prisoner during the incident in the Kerch Strait. Summoned to the presidential administration, the Minister of defence Poltorak.


The main problem with all attempts Zelensky in this direction is obvious – the Kremlin has not the slightest interest to end this war. She, on the contrary, it is now desperately needed as a factor of pressure on Ukraine and personally Zelensky. And therefore no peace in sight. Moreover, apparently, responsible for the conflict areas of Donbass, the Kremlin is now set aside from Belarus, former Ambassador Babich. His style is consistent with the well-known anecdote about dismissed from the Gestapo for cruelty. In DND and LNR expect the new broom will clean up the current “Bat” and certainly mirotvortsev will not. Rather, the contrary.


The Kremlin is extremely important to Zelensky tightly stumbled and it is now any, even minimal success in this area can dramatically increase the chances of his team in the parliamentary elections, which the Kremlin will try to avoid with all the current agropolitical. In this case, class interests coincide up to a point. There is no doubt that very soon on Russian TV we see amazing stories like the ones yesterday were branded, will be warmly supported by our masters of propaganda as sincere fighters for people’s happiness.

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Generational shift in Ukrainian politics, when, instead of collaborators (whether Pro – Western or Pro-Kremlin) will come those that do not relate to today’s paradigm of semi-colonial existence of Ukraine, causes very mixed feelings in the West, and in the Kremlin. It is curious that just to trump the situation looks much more comfortable today, Ukrainian nobility largely owes the previous US administration. Absolutely nothing Tarnowskie messengers put very strict condition that the new Ukrainian administration to provide a full list of transgressions previous overseer over Ukraine Vice President Obama Biden. Which is very likely to become a rival trump in 20 year. In this field Zelensky could find a common language with the Americans.


The Kremlin there is no such option. Therefore, the pressure on Zelensky becomes the maximum, and definitely no steps towards what he sees. Although, apparently, and not waiting.

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