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“Poskozeni” go on a cruise. But they don’t know the main idea of marine navigation

«Плоскоземцы» отправятся в круиз. Но они не знают главную идею морской навигации

The following year, the supporters of the theory about the “flat Earth” will go on a sea cruise, which is sponsoring the conference Flat Earth International Conference. Travel details are unknown, but at least one fact already makes you smile: all marine navigation is based on the fact that our planet is spherical, reports The Guardian.

On this edition of told Hank Kuijer — man, 23-year stint as captain of the cruise liner and the past two million miles. Modern positioning systems, like GPS and all work thanks to the many satellites that are orbiting the Earth, goes round.

All in orbit is 24 main satellites for GPS. Kuijer says that if the Earth was flat, it would be enough for three. But because of the shape of our planet must be much more satellites to cover all areas.

The Guardian has contacted representatives of the International Flat Earth Conference for further information about the cruise, but they have not answered yet. The resource suggests that “poskozeni” want to collect a crew of like-minded people, but here is the problem. Hank Kuijer assured that never saw the captain, who would believe in the theory of a flat Earth.

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