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On inspection the vehicle control will be enforced

Над техосмотром ТС будет усилен контроль

Under the new law, when carrying out all maintenance will be recorded in electronic form to issue a diagnostic card every car owner. This is to ensure that with the passage of maintenance on the part of masters was no fraud and forgery.

The amendments to the law were made by the Federation Council and the President and the state Duma. At the time of inspection will be photographed the whole process of diagnostics and repair. Now you can expect electronic diagnostic card, which will replace the paper copies.

After conducting the inspection will use the signature in electronic form. All of this will be necessary in order to confirm information and data about the passage of the relevant FACT. It is known that control will take RAMI and the Ministry of interior.

All will have to comply with the requirements of the inspection. Controlling will have to check the space station for compliance with specific and relevant requirements. Such a procedure will be introduced next year.

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